How Generosity Transforms the Spirit

In the anxious hours as Hurricane Irma was nearing Florida this fall, a powerful act of compassion was playing out that grabbed the nation’s attention.

A woman had driven 30 miles to a home improvement store in Orlando to purchase a generator. Strong winds would surely knock out power for hours, if not days, and the woman’s father depended on his electric oxygen concentrator to breathe. When the man in line in front of her received the very last generator the store had in stock, the woman dissolved into mournful sobs.

Without even knowing why the generator was so crucially important to the woman, the stranger gave his to her, and hugged her. She clung to him, crying and thanking him for his kindness. The single act of compassion reverberated throughout the country, inspiring others to also help neighbors in need.

The generosity of spirit provokes an open-hearted response. Moving stories of previously mind-mannered people suddenly stepping forth and putting others first serves a dual purpose. It not only confirms the innate goodness of others; it kindles an urge in all who learn of their deeds to likewise be of service. The generosity of spirit, it’s been scientifically proven, is catching. Even if we feel we ourselves don’t have enough, when we see others being generous, we’re willing to go the extra mile to help someone else, too.

This desire to come together and share with others transcends boundaries of religion, nationality, race, age, and gender. It’s a spiritual energy of open-heartedness, charity, and optimism that sweeps everyone into its embrace.

As we head towards the season of gathering for the holidays and celebrating our blessings, it’s an ideal time to think about new ways we can share our own spirit of generosity, without waiting for a crisis to trigger a desire to help.

Identify a cause you feel passionate about, and go online to find local opportunities to share your time and get involved. Everyone probably has at least a few books you’re not going to read again. See if your local library or school could use them. Buy an extra bag of dog food and donate one to an animal shelter. When you let your friends know what you’re doing, they’ll be motivated to get involved, too.

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