The Divine Simplicity of the Spiritual Quest

Spiritual quests can take many forms. They can be as dramatic as the young sheltered prince Siddhartha in 6 th century B.C. Nepal desiring to know of the world that lay beyond the palace walls. He started out on what would be a six-year quest and blossomed into total spiritual awakening, becoming the Buddha. Another spiritual journey began with a young girl in 15 th century France having visions. Joan d’ Arc received divine instruction to help save France, and have the Dauphin crowned King Charles VII.

For the majority of us, though, our own personal spiritual quest can begin as a mere whisper; a stirring in the heart that slowly, steadily, takes us out of our comfort zone. It can start with the feeling that there’s something ‘more’ – more real, more purposeful, more loving – that we have yet to discover.

The late author and spiritual mentor Wayne Dyer said it beautifully: “ When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.” There are simple steps we can all take to change how we process things, and to start out on our own spiritual quest.

These disciplines so important for your transformation are what Optimum Health Institute (OHI) calls “The Five P’s to Optimum Health.”

Purpose: Meditating on what you feel are the most purposeful things for you to do. When you shift your focus from, “What’s in it for me?” to “How can I help?” you immediately begin to rewire your brain into a place of higher awareness. Random acts of kindness, visiting people in the hospital, contributing to or starting a food drive – there’s an infinite number of ways you can personally make a positive difference.

Positive: Choosing to maintain a positive frame of mind has immediate health benefits – lower stress, lower risk of heart disease, lower mortality and better coping skills, for starters, all of which help lead to spiritual transformation.

Persistence: Faithfully following spiritual disciplines and choosing to live a more holistic life help you develop the strength and commitment to reach your goals.

Patience: Being gentle with yourself as you allow your body-mind-spirit to heal and transform paves the way for sustainable and healing changes.

Prayer: Mindfully connecting with the Divine takes you to, and keeps you in, an Alpha state of grace, gratitude and purposeful power. Through prayer and meditation, your spiritual path becomes clear.

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