Countdown to Transformation

The beginning of a new year promises a fresh start and a clean slate. Most of us are eager to list all the positive new goals we have for our body, mind, and spirit in 2018. But statistics don’t lie. While the second week of January is the busiest time for new gym membership sign-ups, just four short weeks later, a very high percentage of those overly-optimistic members have already dropped out.

We didn’t instantly develop unhealthy habits, and we’re not going to instantly un-learn years or decades of less than optimum choices. Instead of falling into the trap of “all or nothing” New Year’s resolutions hoping for quick change, take the opportunity to start the groundwork that can make this the year you actually manifest positive change.

First, say psychologists, be more mindful. Dr. Bruce Lipton says up to 95% of the time your brain can be on ‘autopilot,’ just repeating habitual behaviors. When you make time daily to pray, meditate and journal, you are literally rewiring your brain. Just a few weeks of being more aware empowers you to change for the better.

The next step is doing some soul searching to find out why you adopted those non-beneficial behaviors in the first place. What need were you trying to meet, or what wound were you trying to heal, with junk food or parking yourself in front of a TV for hours every day? Only when you honestly confront your core emotions can you begin to understand and redirect them.

Journal. Write about your goals, and why you want to achieve them. Write about anything and everything standing in your way. Write down your promises to yourself, and frequently re-read everything you wrote.

Find a buddy to share the journey with you. Being able to talk about your dreams, your challenges and your opportunities with a supportive friend is essential for sticking with the program.

Fortunately, the ideal sacred space for all of this, and more, is ready and waiting for you. At Optimum Health Institute missions in San Diego and Austin, Texas, a two or three week extended stay this month delivers the unconditional support and all the resources you require to prepare to deliver on your New Year goals.

Sign up for an extended stay now to achieve a deeper level of detoxifying the body with live, raw, organic plant-based meal; enriching the mind with a full roster of classes, and celebrating the spirit with like-minded people, prayer and meditation. Confide in your missionary buddy and get the validation and encouragement you so need. Renew your commitment to walking your spiritual path with purpose, joy and optimum health. Delve deep in December to be ready for true, lasting transformation in the New Year.

Give yourself the gift of two or three weeks at OHI to start the detoxification process and shift into positive new habits before ringing in the New Year. Save 10% on your consecutive 3-week stay in any best-available, single or double-occupancy room, or 5% off your entire 2-week stay. Visit our website at , and call us at (800) 993-4325 to make your reservation.