Keeping Your Resolutions for Body, Mind and Spirit

Another New Year, and another opportunity to rededicate yourself to a happier, healthier, optimum life. Discover the support you require to reach your goals by meditating on the Optimum Health Institute (OHI) 5 P’s:

Purpose: Each resolution you make addresses specific things you desire to bring into balance. Focusing on the true purpose and desired result of each of those intentions will help you stay on the path to achieving them.

Positive Mental Attitude: See yourself having already achieved each resolution. Create a vision board to help you get into the emotional space of success. When you have faith you can make positive, practical changes in your behavior, you are empowered to do so. Truly believing you can accomplish your resolution is a major part of achieving your goal.

Persistence: Those well-worn neurological pathways you wore into your brain don’t just disappear in three weeks. Persistently sticking with a more positive alternative behavior, however, will definitely increase your chances of keeping those resolutions. Instead of buying junk food, for instance, take a quick stroll around the block. Appreciating the beauty of nature with each step will nourish your spirit while you’re honoring your body.

Patience: Accept that good things worth having take time. Be patient with yourself; anticipate there will probably be a few missteps on your path to positive change. Don’t dwell on them, but forgive yourself, and get back in step. Practice the “better than” exercise you learned at OHI to make improvements in gradual steps instead of thinking it has to be 100% or nothing. Take the time. Be patient. That’s how you get results that last.

Prayer: When you humbly ask for divine assistance in making positive changes in your life, you will receive loving guidance. Tapping into the power and grace of God through frequent prayer throughout your day will be a constant reminder you’re being blessed and supported on your path to optimum health.

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