‘Tis the Season of Generosity and Gratitude

Your generosity through OHI’s 41 Years of Holistic Healing has created miracles. What began in 1976 when we opened our doors as some guests privately helping others finance their stay quickly grew into the Optimum Health Institute Scholarship Fund. Thanks to you, so far this year alone we’ve able to award 91 scholarships, allowing guests in need to complete the entire 21-day God-centered holistic healing program and transform their bodies, minds and spirits.

There are just as many inspiring stories of faith, hope and healing as there are scholarship recipients.

There’s the story of the woman who underwent surgery for renal cell carcinoma. She and her husband had also just lost their jobs, so she could only afford the first week’s tuition. Because of your generosity, she completed all three weeks, reclaimed her health and energy, and was ready to get on with a happier, healthier life.

One woman‘s recent surgical wound refused to heal, and she was overwhelmed with staggering medical bills. She heard about OHI and felt it was her only hope. With just enough savings to cover the first week, she committed herself to rigorously following all the guidelines, from strict adherence to the plant-based diet to attending all the classes to enthusiastically participating in the daily stretching and walks. Receiving the other two weeks through the OHI Scholarship Fund was literally a life-saver for her. She left OHI feeling great, and embracing a new optimism and sense of purpose.

Extensive dental surgery depleted another woman’s energy and bank accounts in equal measure. She was left in constant pain, and owning only her car and her clothes. Her mother gifted her with tuition for the first week at OHI, and everything immediately began to change for the better. Basking in the support and compassion of OHI’s facilitators, missionaries and other guests, the woman immediately improved. She was ecstatic to complete the 21-day program thanks to an OHI scholarship and now, years later, is still eating 90% raw and feeling healthier and more empowered than ever.

Healing can take many forms. Sometimes, it’s about living life to the fullest, with grace and dignity to the very end.

One unforgettable OHI Scholarship Fund recipient was an 80-years-young gentleman diagnosed with liver and lung cancers, and given two months to live. It wasn’t fear of death that brought him to OHI, but rather a passionate desire to hang on long enough for one more river rafting trip with his beloved wife. The two had traversed all the major rivers in the country with the exception of the Mississippi. Completing all three weeks of the holistic healing program gave the man the energy and time he needed to enjoy that beautiful rafting trip, and also make months of many more joyful memories for his entire family. Your generosity allowed him to accomplish everything he wanted to do and more, and depart this world in peace and gratitude.

In this season of compassionate giving, please consider helping to make more miracles happen through a generous contribution to the OHI Scholarship Fund. Find out more at http://www.optimumhealth.org/reservations/ohi-scholarship-program.htm.

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