A Resolution Revelation for 2018

We’ve all probably started too many New Years resolving to vanquish all our bad habits. We’ve also probably ended too many Februarys frustrated to discover our aggressive agenda to change everything we don’t like about ourselves has already fallen by the wayside.

That long list of things we resolve to fix in our lives is pretty much doomed. There’s a wealth of scientific research showing the law of attraction is very real – what we dwell on tends to become our reality. When we start out the New Year focusing on all the things we dislike about ourselves, even though we want to change them, we are unwittingly actually reinforcing those undesirable behaviors. We’re beginning from a place of “deficit” – we already feel like we’ve lost.

Thankfully, simply by changing our focus from a deficit-based model to one embracing our strengths, we completely shift into a place of positive reinforcement and possibilities that can power us towards our goal.

Start with a radical new idea – actively loving yourself. Science has shown that every cell of our body has a separate consciousness, and too frequently the message we send to each of them is, “We are not enough.” Instead of being so self-critical, try this exercise – stand in front of a mirror, and make eye contact with yourself. Then, in a gentle voice, say, “I love you,” and add your name. Making this validating declaration will have an immediate positive impact. You will instantly feel energized, empowered and reconnected to yourself, and your spiritual path.

From this place of strength and self-love, think of one specific core value that truly defines you. Is it your compassion? A sense of responsibility? The way you are clear-minded in a crisis? Your spirituality, or your honesty? Go into meditation for guidance and clarity. The most important core value will hold a special resonance for you.

As you are doing this inner journey, after you determine that core value, go a step further and choose a way that you can show yourself more love and respect, incorporating that core value. For instance, if you are a deeply responsible person, try counting to 10 before you volunteer to take on yet another task. Give yourself a moment to reflect on how overextending yourself isn’t about self-love, but more a misplaced desire to gain approval and validation. If you don’t love and value yourself and your time first, no one else can ever do that for you.

When your goal and your action steps are in alignment with loving yourself, you are definitely approaching change from a place of power and sustainability.

Daily shifting into that place of self-love, and making a point of coming up with three things for which you’re grateful, definitely sets you up for success and optimum health and happiness.

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