Journaling Your Way to Optimum Health

Sometimes a hurt is so deep, so traumatic, that you can’t even talk about it. It can fester inside of you for decades as an open wound, causing you pain on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Thankfully, research is proving that the pen can be a mighty weapon in healing that debilitating ache. Journaling about the reason for your hurt for 15-20 minutes a day, over four consecutive days, can help relieve stress and lessen the emotional charge of the incident, making way for serenity and peace. Multiple studies have shown that the practice, labeled “expressive writing,” has measurable results in providing benefits for the body, too.

By mindfully writing about specific traumas, or any deep emotional issues you have experienced, physical transformations can start to manifest. Your immune system receives a boost as your body increases production of T cells, which destroy infected or malignant cells; stress levels and blood pressure go down; asthma and arthritis symptoms are reduced, and liver function, mood and memory are improved.

Clinical studies show numerous longer-term physical benefits for the body, mind, emotions and spirit as well. Participants reported fewer doctor’s visits for illness, reduced depression, a greater feeling of well-being and shorter hospital stays. Journaling even seems to strengthen ties to one’s community by improving the way people interact with others.

Expressive writing is a key component of the Mental Detoxification class at the Optimum Health Institute retreats in San Diego and Austin, Texas. During the 21-day holistic healing program, guests are encouraged to resolve painful issues using an effective combination of meditation and journaling. After asking for Divine support and guidance, guests enter into a relaxed alpha state. From that space of mental clarity, they first journal about the negative experience from their own perspective. They write about the incident again from the opposite point of view. Finally, they record the experience a third time, now taking a neutral perspective. By examining past hurts in such a focused and mindful practice over the course of several days, true healing can begin.

During OHI’s 3-week holistic healing program, expect dramatic transformations in body, mind and spirit while detoxifying with a plant-based raw organic diet, taking classes like pain control, emotional detoxification and organic gardening, and sharing in spiritual fellowship with other God-centered people. Book your stay today, and ask about special promotions when you call us at (800) 993-4325 to make your reservation. Visit our website at .

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