Seven Essential Tips for Transformation in 2018

So we’re almost half-way through the first month of 2018. How are you doing with those resolutions? If your honest answer is, “Not so great,” here’s a suggestion. Instead of struggling to change a bad habit, try embracing some positive new ones. Scientific research has shown that’s a much easier and more practical way to go, and the odds are you’re very likely to succeed.

Here are more positive “Tips for Healing Transformation” to help you live an optimal life in body, mind and spirit in this New Year:

1. Surround yourself with happy, confident people who reflect your goals. When you desire to adopt a more plant-based lifestyle, for instance, but you spend every weekend with old friends who insist on going to the steak and ale house, it’s going to be nearly impossible to make a healthy change. Seek out friends who already reflect the positive new behaviors you’re striving to achieve in 2018.

2. Let go of things that are weighing you down to make space for different, more positive things to come into your life. This applies to everything; acquaintances who constantly demand that you participate in their dramas; clothes that haven’t fit for decades, limiting old ideas that keep you from going after your dreams. Let it go – and watch lots of good things show up for you.

3. Stop comparing yourself to others. There will always be people who are smarter, richer, more attractive and so on. That’s great for them. But that has nothing to do with your unique gifts and perspective, and the special things that only you can bring to the world. There is NO other person like you! Embrace that, and watch your joy level soar.

4. Prioritize. Think about five things you really want to achieve. Whittle the list down to three that feel the most attainable and desirable. Now pick the one thing you’re ready to start working on TODAY.

5. Stay in the positive emotional state of already achieving what you desire to bring into your life. Enter into a deeply relaxed alpha state daily and imagine yourself already enjoying the optimally healthy and happy life you desire. Know you’re deserving of miracles. Staying emotionally receptive is an excellent way to set the miracles in motion.

6. Make your daily life less “virtual,” and more “reality.” Don’t text a friend to say ‘hi.’ Pick up the phone and call. Or better yet, lock in a specific time and place to get together, and leave your cell phone in the car! A virtual “Like” will never replace an actual hug. Being more present with family and friends is emotional tonic, and a sure way to feel better about yourself, and life in general.

7. Focus on Habits over resolutions. When we set up resolutions at the beginning of the year and focus on ‘not’ doing something we set ourselves up for failure. Instead take the time to build new habits in the New Year. Resolutions come and go, but habits help us become the individuals we strive to be!

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