Stacy Potter – A Remarkable Woman Doing Remarkable Things

Frequent OHI San Diego guest Stacy Potter has known ‘how to serve’ from her youth. She won the National Collegiate Singles Tennis Title her freshman year at USC, then captured the National Collegiate Team championship the next year. She went pro for a decade, competing in 25 Grand Slam Championships, including eight at Wimbledon, 11 at the U.S. Open, and six at the French Open.

Stacy played mixed doubles with John McEnroe in 1978, and competed in a Battle of the Sexes with Kate Latham against Bobby Riggs and Pancho Segura in 1983. Besides reaching a singles tennis ranking of 18 th in the world, Stacy collected numerous honors including the Intercollegiate Tennis Association’s Women’s Collegiate Tennis Hall of Fame, the Southern California Jewish Sports Hall of Fame and the Beverly Hills High School Athletic Hall of Fame.

As stellar as her professional career has been, it is a single facet of her fascinating journey before discovering OHI in 2000. Stacy earned a master’s degree in clinical psychology, and is a certified health coach helping people across the country make smart nutritional and exercise choices while they manage stress. She and her husband also operate Trails by Potter, a hiking, biking and rock climbing service throughout the Ojai Valley and Ventura, California.

Despite a lifetime of achieving and maintaining top physical form, it was a health opportunity that brought her to OHI. She had read an article about the retreat years earlier, and thought at the time she’d like to try it. When Stacy started training for a tennis tournament in 2000, years after her retirement from the professional tennis circuit and against her better judgment, she ended up with a debilitating case of tendonitis in her foot. Through the pain, she suddenly remembered OHI, and immediately booked a one-week stay.

“I remember limping into OHI that Sunday,” Stacy said. “I was in agony! But by the end of that week, I experienced a miracle. I had absolutely no pain, and I was able to play an hour of tennis the day after I got back home.”

Stacy said she arrived with an open mind – she didn’t know exactly what to expect, but she was eager to try all of it. ALMOST all of it.

“When my roommate and I were in the first week class learning about Es & Is, we whispered to each other that was the ONE thing we wouldn’t do,” Stacy said. “But our teacher was very strict, and everyone knew it wasn’t a question – we WERE going to do this!”

Since that first visit, Stacy has booked several stays at OHI every year, and has experienced all three weeks of the 21-day holistic healing program many times over.

“Some big breakthrough always happens each time,” Stacy said, “and I’m always fascinated to see what’s going to be revealed. I’ll get an idea for my coaching business. Or I’ll rearrange furniture at home for better Feng Shui. Something always is healed. Maybe not the thing you THINK you’re there for – but it’s always the thing you most need. It’s like you’re falling back onto a soft bed of pillows. Everyone is vulnerable, and we look out for each other. We’ll come back the same weeks for mini-reunions.”

Stacy said the biggest change she’s noticed through the years is how being an active part of the OHI community has opened her up physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

“I have the courage to go outside the box at OHI, particularly in the talent shows,” Stacy said. During her most recent visit, she was particularly interested in developing healthier sleep habits. “For the talent show Friday night,” Stacy said, “I read a very personal letter I wrote to sleep, as if I was in a challenging relationship with it. SO many people came up to me afterwards thanking me, including an OHI staff member who was only able to sleep about four hours a night. People appreciated my vulnerability, and said the letter helped them create a healthier relationship with their own sleep habits.” Stacy, by the way, is now sleeping soundly.

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