OHI’s 5Ps in Community

Affirming Your Life

“The more people share their own experiences feeling God’s grace, the more everyone starts to feel more secure in themselves, and truly embrace the opportunity for holistic healing.” –Pam Nees

Affirmation: Today in meditation, I will express the deepest gratitude for how my spiritual community strengthens my will, and provides unwavering support.

OHI’s 5Ps in Community

Being in a like-minded, God-centered spiritual community like that at OHI is scientifically proven to help reduce stress and boost self-confidence. On a daily basis, we also see how the community supports members in following OHI’s 5 Ps for Optimum Health.

1. Purpose: to achieve a natural balance and reconnection to the Divine.

It’s not just the facilitators, missionaries and staff at OHI who are eager to assist. Guests consistently jump in at every opportunity to be of service to others. Whether it’s helping a first-timer master cutting and juicing wheatgrass, including strangers in a lunch conversation or suggesting inspirational books in the Optimum Health Store, members of the OHI community are happy to be of service. That generosity of spirit creates a compassionate atmosphere of purposeful intent.

2. Positive mental attitude that supports the healing process.

While detailed stories about enemas and implants are not usually popular topics of conversation, within the OHI community guests have even written and performed hysterically funny songs about them for the OHI Talent Show! Sharing a laugh is a frequent — and very healing — occurrence that helps people stay connected, and positive.

3. Persistence in following the holistic disciplines of the OHI holistic healing program.

Particularly for guests transitioning from a ‘burgers, beer and Netflix’ lifestyle, sticking with the 21-day program can be a challenge. Knowing that everyone else is being asked to make the same dramatic changes makes it easier to stay on track. The encouragement and support of others also helps.

4. Patience with your body and yourself as you allow your body, mind, and spirit to heal.

The Friday Morning Testimonials are rich with shared stories of sometimes miraculous changes in body, mind, emotions and spirit. Everyone present knows the transformations didn’t just happen — they took real patience and perseverance, and the non-judgmental, unconditional support of the entire community.

5. Prayer to a higher source who will share the load with you.

The power of “two or more” gathered in prayer is lauded in the Bible. Sharing joyful time in sacred gratitude before meals, in group meditations and throughout one’s stay at OHI adds another dimension of grace and love to every prayer.

Draw on the strength of the vibrant OHI community to assist you in applying the 5Ps to your daily life. Come back for an extended stay this summer, and feel the love. Call us at (800) 224-2620 to book your reservation. Ask about our current summer promotional discounts.

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