• Scholarship Recipient Transforms Body, Mind and Spirit: Gina K’s amazing comeback over Breast Cancer

    When one receives a daunting health opportunity, having a strong support system is key. For Gina Klingelhoets of Phoenix, who had just been diagnosed with breast cancer, that encouragement first came from her boss. She connected Gina with a holistic wellness coach, who urged her to check out Optimum Health Institute (OHI). A former body builder, Gina had always been conscious of what she ate. She was interested in how OHI offered her not just nutritional support, but classes and fellowship opportunities to nourish her mind, emotions and spirit. The next wave of support came from Gina’s mother, even though the two had grown apart over the years. Her mom totally supported her OHI decision, and signed up for a week, as well. They made the 6-hour drive to OHI together and shared a room—and a bathroom.

    Her first day at OHI, Gina discovered still another support system. Initially she found the welcoming nature of the OHI community, in her words, “A little bit alarming!” Gina had been a medical researcher, which can be a pretty solitary pursuit. Finding herself in the center of a group of people who warmly welcomed her into conversations and activities at first stretched her outside her comfort zone. Being embraced by the community was a big deal for her, and she soon blossomed into really enjoying and appreciating the closeness.

    Her inner “science nerd”—again, her words! — loved learning the biology of the holistic 3-week program. The classes also made her realize she had been ignoring her emotional and spiritual health. When her application was accepted, and she received the gift of the second and third week, Gina said she felt like a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders. The extra time gave her the healing opportunity to be more forgiving with herself and become a “recovering perfectionist.” Besides helping Gina bring a healthier balance to her life in body, mind and spirit, OHI transformed her relationship with her mom. She is SO grateful for her scholarship, and said it’s already made a huge difference in every possible way. As a reminder OHI’s mission is to transform lives, which we do through our Scholarship Program. In many small and large ways, you can help us provide more Scholarships to people like Gina, for example buying gifts for your friends through The Optimum Health Store generates proceeds for the OHI Scholarship Fund.

    The Greatest Gift of Love is the Gift of Healing

    The OHI Scholarship Fund was established to help those who have a life-threatening health opportunity and require financial assistance. The OHI community relies on acts of kindness and generosity to support those in need.

    Thanks to your support last year, we were able to provide 94 scholarships. Our overarching goal for 2018 is to raise $500,000 in scholarship funds. You can give the gift of healing for those who are ill and in need by supporting the OHI Scholarship Fund by making a:

    • One-Time Donation
    • Sustainable Monthly Contribution

    Donate Now!  [link to: http://optimumhealth.org/supportOHI/]

    Optimum Health Institute is a non-profit, religious organization. Your donation is tax deductible.

  • Get to Know Jana Peterson: Missionary Heals Her Past, Embraces Her Future

    Jana Peterson first leaned about OHI in 1992, when her Godfather returned from a 2-week stay, “Thirty pounds lighter in body and about a million times lighter in spirit,” Jana said. He never regained the weight, and frequently credited his spiritual experience at OHI San Diego mission for having a transformational impact. When she was dealing with systemic candida a decade ago, she decided to try OHI’s holistic healing program for herself.

    It worked beautifully, Jana said, but a string of traumas and stresses in the intervening years triggered the symptoms all over again, along with leaky gut, Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder, and chronic fatigue. “I was ‘life paralyzed’ my brain stopped working, and I couldn’t process or leave the house,” Jana said. “The prospect of brushing my teeth seemed akin to climbing Mount Everest, and I was completely out of resources.”

    It was at that point her landlord, a frequent OHI guest, became concerned. He suggested she consider applying for the 3-month missionary program, and told her he would even let her out of her lease if she was accepted. Jana immediately applied, and was approved. She sold her car and took her 22- lb Maine Coon cat, Mongo, to stay with her best friend. The healing transformations began for her body, mind and spirit.

    Jana said that the bonds missionaries develop with guests are extraordinary.

    “It’s everything,” she said. “There is this unexplainable kind of sacred intimacy, a real trust and love that transpires between people in a week’s time and it’s totally authentic. I have shared things with people here I have never shared with another living soul. “People who find themselves in a physical, emotional or spiritual crisis can turn to OHI. Everything in the program works in conjunction, and I don’t know how it would be possible to find better community than what we share at OHI.”

    “This is the happiest and most at peace I have ever been,” she said, “and if it were not for my OHI community, I would not be here. It’s natural to look at someone who is always smiling and assume they are the happiest person ever. But some of the kindest people hold the most pain.”

    “I had cut myself off from a world that just seemed too unbearable, and I lost all sense of connection and community. I also lost sight of how thoughtful and beautiful people can really be. My OHI community constantly reminds me of this with their unfaltering support, love and validation. OHI is the family you get to choose for yourself.”

    “My every waking moment has purpose,” Jana said.

    It’s not just the mental, emotional and spiritual parts of her that are coming into balance.

    “I have lost a considerable amount of inflammation in my body,” Jana continued. “My joints are starting to heal and I am gaining flexibility. My stomach no longer feels like I ate a steady diet of shrapnel. I feel safe. I can remember things. The only tears I cry here and often are tears of gratitude and joy.”

    The OHI missionary program is a volunteer extension program for those who have graduated from the OHI holistic healing program and desire to continue on a spiritual path to heal themselves and others. Missionaries immerse themselves in the healing process 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We encourage those with a heart for service to apply.

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