Look What’s New at OHI

Come experience these new improvements at OHI:

New 21-Day Menu

We created a delicious new menu with different recipes so you have variety at every meal during your entire three-week stay.

Free WiFi

We still encourage a “digital fast” while you’re here, but we understand the world doesn’t stop and that you occasionally need to “plug in”.

OHI San Diego

We added fresh paint, concrete, landscaping; plus renovated the dining room, classrooms and guest rooms. Our guest room updates include new fixtures, new carpet and wood flooring.

Pray-Eat-Live Class

In this advanced food prep class you will learn to create delectable yet healthy appetizers, meals, snacks and desserts. Currently at OHI San Diego only.

OHI Austin

Stroll along our wonderful walking trails and freshly landscaped grounds. Lounge by the pool or have a bite to eat in our newly furnished outdoor patio. Celebrate nature in quietude in our new Meditation Garden.

James Adjan

Former guest, James Adjan, felt so connected to the OHI mission, he didn’t want to leave. So, he joined our staff and is our new OHI Austin Executive Director and Senior Pastor.

OHI – Best Value!

We are a faith-based organization whose mission is to support you in your healing. As a healing ministry, we are determined to keep our prices as low as possible, so we can provide you the best value. However, inflation is a factor and plays a part in our rate increases. This is why we are sharing with you the recent upgrades we’ve made to the program, menu, facilities and staff.

Come experience the improvements at OHI for yourself!