Scholarship Recipient Inspires Others

Seattle resident Rhonda Yeoman knows drastic change takes drastic measures. A decade ago, when she had a major thyroid problem, a skilled naturopath got her on the right path. When Rhonda’s naturopath relocated to Texas, Rhonda reverted to her old habits. Her health gradually declined as both her diet and exercise habits deteriorated.

When Rhonda received a cancer diagnosis last October, she immediately flew to Texas to again seek her naturopath’s sage advice. At that point her scales registered over 300 pounds, and she realized she was sabotaging her health and her life. The naturopath himself had previously been diagnosed with prostate cancer, and shared with her how multiple visits to OHI helped him. She wasn’t sure yet if she wanted to try OHI, but she did drastically change her food plan. Rhonda kicked her meat-at-every-meal routine in favor of a plant-based diet.

By August of this year she had shed 80 pounds but was still struggling with health opportunities. A friend of Rhonda’s felt so strongly
that she could benefit from OHI’s holistic healing program that he offered to sponsor a week-long visit. Since crushing medical debt made it impossible for her to afford completing the entire three-week holistic healing program, Rhonda says she’s eternally grateful for the OHI Scholarship she received. “Each week is a different feeling,” Rhonda said, “And it gives you a new sense of awareness. The classes and activities are mapped out so smartly — the whole experience is so intelligently designed with every single layer of the human spirit in mind.” She shed additional pounds during her 3-week stay as her body, mind and spirit came into balance.

“OHI is not just a place you go to juice and cleanse,” said Rhonda. “It’s so much more, and truly healing on so many levels. I am a different person — I’m an improved version of my old self — but I was never the person I am today. I feel a lightness now that I never did before. OHI helped me tune out to tune in.”

Today, Rhonda is living her life more fully and joyfully than she ever imaged possible, thanks to generous donations to the OHI Scholarship Fund.

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