OHI Guest Doing Extraordinary Things: Pat Ramsay

Introducing OHI guest, Patricia Ramsay.  She has led an extraordinary life, and at 75 years old is still striving for a deeper connection with God every day.  Her spiritual journey has taken her around the world — from Jamaica to London to the United States and India — even to the doorstep of OHI.  We are so grateful to be a repeat stop on her travels.

Q. How did you hear about OHI?

In October 2017, I felt there was a cloud between myself and the mentee I was working with, so I asked God for guidance.  The phone rang, and it was my girlfriend calling to tell me about OHI. Clearly, this was the answer God was sending me. When I have meditated on something, I listen to what the voice inside me says, and I never question it.

Q. What was your first visit like?

It was simply amazing!  I felt like it got my body-mind-spirit back into alignment.  I was a vegetarian when I went there, but after completing the 3-day juice cleanse, I said to myself that this is how I want to feel all of the time.  So I became a vegan, and I’ve never felt better in my life.

Q. In 2014, you were accepted as a Distinguished Fellow at Harvard University in their Advanced Leadership Initiative.  Tell us about that experience.

The former CEO of the International Women’s Forum (IWF) recommended me for the Harvard program.  I was just approaching turning 70, and thought I was a bit too old to be going back to college, but Harvard invited me to interview, so I went.  I met with the Deans of three schools — Business, Law, and Education. I was accepted into the program, and Harvard awarded me a full scholarship.  It was God’s plan, and He most definitely provided! I spent a lovely year sharing ideas with the most amazing minds. God has given me the courage and support to do his work.  I am just a vessel and cannot do otherwise.

Q. You make time for prayer and meditation every morning.  Are there any spiritual experiences you would like to share?

About 6 months ago, a voice came to me clear as a bell, and told me to go to Bali.  I knew in my heart this would be a spiritual retreat that would further develop my being.  I booked passage to Ubud but didn’t schedule too much. I feel that you always have to leave space for grace.  Too much structure shows a lack of faith, and ego managing everything. I want room in my life to let the Divine enter.  I met with a sacred healer, and when he laid his hands on me he told me that I harness a tremendous amount of energy. I am only able to balance it all because my faith is so strong, and I listen to God without ever second guessing.  He told me I needed to share my spirituality with others more freely instead of holding back so that my energy can flow. That conversation marked a quantum leap in my faith. I felt a complete shift in my consciousness. I realized that I need to share my story with the world, because in that way I share God with the world.

Q. Have you come back to OHI since you first visited last October?

Yes!  I returned in August 2018, this time for 3 weeks.  I felt like my body was out of alignment again, but after completing the 21-day program and juice fasting each week, I felt my body was where it needed to be, linked with my mind and spirit.

Q. What classes spoke the most to you in this visit?

Each Vocal Toning Class was magnificent.  I could feel the trees and the energy of the ground. Wednesday’s Release Ceremony was also quite moving for me.  God always puts me in the right place for the nourishment my body, mind, and soul, and OHI will always be a place that nurtures me back into alignment.

Q. Looking back on your life, what advice do you have for others?

At 75 years old, I feel like life is a total adventure.  Every day is better than the last. Yes, I’ve had bad times, but they all brought me to exactly where I needed to be.  The mantra I use most often in my meditation is “Be still and know that I am God.”