A Life Changing Way to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Women in general and Mothers specifically are the healers in our society.  Mothers are our first teachers – giving us life, nourishing and nurturing us, helping us navigate and thrive from our very first moment.  Their love gave us roots and wings, and laid the foundation upon which we could build lives of purpose, joy, and more love.

As we grow, our relationship with our mothers grows and transforms too. The dynamic can gradually shift from parent-child to two friends who delight in each other’s interests, passions, and goals. When the goal is adopting and maintaining positive healthy behaviors for longer, more fulfilling lives, mothers and their adult children – and fathers, too – frequently discover the transformational benefits of a stay at the Optimum Health Institute (OHI) missions in San Diego or Austin, Texas.

OHI Austin’s new Executive Director Cheryl Green has seen many family members share the experience of going through the OHI healing lifestyle program since she joined the team in 1999. She particularly enjoys the special bond between mothers and their children as they encourage, inspire and celebrate each other’s successes.

“We love when families come together at OHI,” Cheryl said. “Sometimes it’s the mother bringing the child, or the child bringing the mother…or the more adventurous duos go through their first week together. Experiencing the program together enhances that precious connection. We love witnessing the development of a new type of family tradition! “

“Seeing a mother and son or daughter attend the program together always seems to inspire the staff and other guests in the community to new ways of thinking about their own relationships.”

Evie Edington, an OHI Austin facilitator, has also observed how the unique bond between mother and child is enriched when the two share transformational time together.

“This experience can only bring you closer,” Evie said. “That heightened sense of love between mother and daughter is so sweet to witness. It really deepens a relationship when people come to a place where they feel safe being vulnerable and open.”

Amber Santa Cruz, OHI Austin’s new Guest Services Director, agrees that all who witness it are enriched by seeing the special love families share on their mutual journey to optimum health.

“We have been so fortunate to see so many mothers experience this program with their adult children,” Amber said. “It has such a beautiful ripple effect – benefitting the relationship of the two attending, the other guests, and even beyond the campus…it frequently leads me to call my own mom on the drive home.“

“It’s especially powerful to hold the space for a mother to witness dramatic physical change in their own son or daughter. We have had guests that wake up pain-free for the first time in years, and for a mother to see that happen for their child, to see them feel good again…no words can describe that feeling.”

Celebrate your mom, or your child, or a friend and share a life-changing week or two or three this Mother’s Day on May 12 at OHI’s healing missions in San Diego and Austin, Texas.

Experience the energy boost and detoxifying benefits of an all organic, live, raw vegan lifestyle. Learn how to quiet the mind and rejuvenate the spirit. During your stay, our caring team will support your journey to optimum health and share the tools you need to continue the holistic healing lifestyle program at home. To learn more about OHI, visit our website at www.OptimumHealth.org. To make your reservation, call us at  (800) 993-4325.

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