Free Yourself from Unhealthy Habits

There are two sneaky things about bad habits. First, we often don’t remember why we started doing them. And second, they become imprinted not just in our conscious mind, but also in our muscle memory. That means if you’ve been a smoker for years, the physical act of smoking becomes automatic. You’ve built neural pathways in your brain, which means the neurons can communicate directly with your muscles, bypassing conscious thought. The good news is, psychologists say unhealthy habits can be broken. Here are some steps:

1. Breathe — When you catch yourself falling into an old unwanted habit, stop and take three deep breaths. It will clear your mind and help you break the old pattern.

2. Be gentle with yourself — Avoid negative self-talk. Choosing more positive behaviors is all about nurturing, respecting and loving yourself.

3. Watch your words — Things your conscious mind says are immediately taken literally by your subconscious. Instead of “I’ll try,” say “I will.” Instead of “I smoke,” say, “In the past, I smoked.”

4. Break state physically — Take a deep breath and stretch. It will bring you into awareness of what your body is doing, and help you regain control over the actions required to sustain a healthy habit.

5. Substitute a positive behavior — Instead of reaching for a sugary treat or biting a nail, think of something for which you are grateful. Shifting into a positive state diverts your attention away from the old habit.

6. Celebrate victories — Every evening, review your three most-positive changes and realize you’re making real progress. You didn’t develop bad habits overnight, and you won’t change them overnight, but you’re on your way!

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