Taking the OHI Program Home, Part 2 of 2

Continuing from our topic last week…when busy schedules keep you from being with us, let us be with you with these practical tips to bring the knowledge home.

OHI Facilitators offer the following powerful suggestions:

Body: You can still go out to eat with your friends when you’re on the OHI healthy eating plan. Just tuck an avocado and a little apple cider vinegar or other appropriate salad dressing in your purse or jacket pocket. Even if everyone wants to go to a steak house, just get a big salad, add the avocado and dressing, and enjoy the company of the group without getting sabotaged by the menu. Your nose is not attached to your mouth – enjoy the sights and aromas of the food your family and friends are eating, but know you’re nourishing yourself with the fuel you need for optimum health.

Mind: Get into the habit of using your “second thought.” Your “first thought” is an automatic, emotional response to something that just happened. It’s your judgmental inner critic, and the thought can be negative or limiting. While you can’t necessarily control your first thought, you CAN consciously proceed immediately to a positive second thought. For instance, if you get caught up in fears about lack of money, right after the first thought, “I don’t have enough!” pops up, tell yourself, “I live in an abundant universe, and have more than enough of everything I need and want.” Keep practicing this positive “second thought,” and it will become a part of you while attracting the positive things you focus upon.

Be Present: It’s easy to feel God’s grace in your life when you stay in the present moment. Don’t dwell on the past – reliving old hurts can prevent healing in mind, body and spirit. And don’t waste time worrying about what might happen down the road. Staying in the present moment and releasing your fear about the future increases your joy level, and also enhances your immune system. Be present, be thankful, and watch how quickly and simply things can balance out.

Pacing: Particularly if you’re just starting the OHI plan, the healthy shifts you’re learning could easily feel overwhelming. Many adherents have found success by gradually adopting one thing at a time into their daily routine. This method is also effective when your goal is to

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