Journaling the Journey to Optimum Health: Memoirs of a First Time Guest

First Journal Entry

I don’t have TIME to write in a journal! I’m in the office 50 hours a week, then dashing to the store to grab the family’s dinner, or getting delivery. I frequently have friends over; Ben & Jerry, Jimmy Dean, Papa John.

WHY am I journaling? I just saw my friend Laurie for the first time in a few weeks and she looked so amazing, I asked if she had work done. She was thinner, her skin glowed, and she was happy and calm. She said she DID have work done – on the inside!

Laurie said there’s a place in San Diego where you eat rabbit food, drink grass, learn things and hug people. She said she also wrote in a journal, which she found empowering. So I’m journaling, but still not feeling any power!

Sunday afternoon – at OHI

When I was SO stressed I broke down crying in Laurie’s arms, she suggested I call OHI. I talked to a friendly staff member, who assured me it’s NOT some kind of weird wheatgrass bootcamp or some frou-frou enema spa. So now I’m here. I had vacation time, and hubby’s taking care of the house and kids. I know now why Laurie said just standing in the grass and breathing starts the healing. For a great rate, I get my own room, meals, classes, and my very own… bucket?? Sunday orientation is next — maybe I’ll learn why I need the bucket.

Monday night – Week 1

Now I know why I needed the bucket. AND that extra cup of wheatgrass juice. I didn’t know I had it in me. Meals? What used to be garnish on my steak is now my main course. (OK, I’m exaggerating.) The good part — everyone is SO nice. I have a new buddy who shows me around. But honestly, I feel tired, and weak. Maybe Laurie WAS lying, and she DID have work done!

Tuesday night – Week 1

I learned what my body did when I was eating meals like fried chicken, potato salad and apple pie. Incompatible foods fight it out in my stomach, and meat just sits there and ROTS. I feel guilty for blaming those…’releases’… on the dog. We started our juice fast today, and I have no energy. Just wait until I see Laurie again…

Wednesday night – Week 1

Another juice day – but it’s strange – I have loads of energy to walk briskly with my new friends, do this Alpha meditation, and – laugh! I feel so much lighter and happier.

Thursday night – Week 1

Classes are AMAZING, and EVERYONE is so encouraging! Maybe there’s something in this purified water? I almost forgot – today we switched from juice back to solid food. The soup and crackers were delicious! Funny how food isn’t the big thing it was before.

Friday night – Week 1

Wow. ‘Miraculous’ describes the stories shared in this morning’s Testimonials. That and ‘gratitude.’ How wonderful to be where healing happens, on every level. Laurie, forgive me for doubting. Can’t wait for the Friday Night Live talent show this evening, and movie night Saturday.

Friday night – Week 2

OK, Journal, last week was fantastic, but THIS week – everything came together. My crazy-busy life is one of my coping mechanisms. When I’m harried and exhausted, I can ignore deeper feelings. Like how I’m still angry at things starting back in my childhood. I’m beginning to connect dots I didn’t even know existed. I’m starting to feel…spiritual.

Saturday night – Week 3

I will NEVER forget my 3 weeks at OHI, and how I made a new best friend – me! I love how I had the courage to come here, let down my defenses to accept everyone’s support, and finally understand food is medicine, and medicine is food. My family loves the “new me,” and the plant-based recipes we’re eating. And my neighbor, Nancy? She asked if I had work done!

Journaling is just one of the transformative things you will learn during a visit to OHI in San Diego or Austin, Texas. Come help us celebrate 42 years of holistic healing, and take advantage of special savings. Visit our website at , and call us at (800) 588-0809 to make your reservation.

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