The Many Benefits of Practicing Gratitude

Improves our Physical Health

Expressing thanks boosts our immune system. We experience less physical pain. We’re even able to fall into a deeper, longer, more restorative sleep more quickly. We immediately feel increased vitality and energy, while our blood pressure significantly decreases.

Improves our Mental Faculties

Expressing gratitude can increase willpower and help us make thoughtful decisions. It can also increase our decision-making and productivity skills improve, we network more effectively, and we become better communicators and managers. A consistent ‘attitude of gratitude’ makes it much easier for us to get mentors and protégés, helping us achieve our career goals while simultaneously making our workplace a friendlier, more engaging place.

Improves our Emotional Capacity

Emotionally speaking, when we feel gratitude, we feel less stress and depression. The feeling of gratitude increases our feelings of joy, happiness and contentment. Gratitude is linked to a more optimistic outlook on life. Keeping a gratitude journal, and writing just five minutes a day, boosts our long-term well-being by more than 10%. That’s the same jump we would get from a 100% pay raise! When we’re feeling thankful, we’re a lot more likable, which means we’ll deepen existing relationships and friendships, and make more new ones. Practicing gratitude regularly can help us cope with and recover from trauma, obstacles and loss.

Improves our Spiritual Well-Being

In a spiritual sense, gratitude enriches our personal connection to God while making us less self-centered and materialistic. We’re happier, much more optimistic, and more able to see the good in others, and the deeper divine meaning in all things. Expressing gratitude helps us be more compassionate, caring and understanding of others – and to ourselves.

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