• Spring Newsletter, Sleep Article, Part 1


    This just in: Sleep can add years to your life—but it can also do the opposite if you’re experiencing irregular sleep patterns, according to a new March 2 study by the NIH. Sleep is so important to optimizing your health that we’re publishing two posts on the science of sleep. Read Part 1 this week scientific insights into how sleep restores your body, mind and spirit. Watch for Part 2 next week, where we’ll share 4 recommendations for getting more Zs . . .

    Sleep – What is it? Why is it so important? How do we get more of it? (Part 1 of 2)

    At OHI, we believe that God created humans as holistic beings with an integrated body, mind and spirit. We believe everyone can achieve optimum health when the body is purified, the mind is quieted and the spirit is renewed. From that place of total integration and wholeness, people are then able to strengthen their connection to God and are transformed to receive optimum health.

    So let’s start with the basics on your journey to receive optimum health. Everyone tends to focus on nutrition and exercise as the first steps to cleansing the body and quieting the mind, but one of the most overlooked pillars of good health is good sleep. You simply cannot achieve optimum health without taking care of your sleep.

    Your body needs sleep, just as it needs air and food to function. During sleep, your body heals itself, and restores its chemical balance. The fact is, sleep is absolutely essential to body, mind and spirit…

    Sleep plays a vital role in your body’s ability to heal and repair your blood vessels and heart. People who don’t sleep enough are at greater risk of heart disease and stroke. Moving on to the endocrine system, hormone production is dependent on sleep. Not getting enough sleep or having interrupted sleep could affect hormone production, and is linked to increased inflammation. Sleep also affects the levels of two hormones, leptin and ghrelin, which control feelings of hunger and fullness. Leptin tells your brain that you’ve had enough to eat. Without enough sleep, your brain reduces leptin and raises ghrelin, which is an appetite stimulant. The flux of these hormones could explain nighttime snacking or why someone may overeat later in the night, and poor sleepers have an increased risk of weight gain and obesity. Sleep deprivation also prompts your body to release higher levels of insulin after you eat. Higher insulin levels promote fat storage, and increases your risk for type 2 diabetes. Sleep also directly impacts your immune system. While you sleep, your immune system produces protective, infection-fighting substances like cytokines. Cytokines also help you sleep, giving your immune system more energy to defend your body against illness.

    Sleep allows your brain to forge new connections, and helps with memory retention. Lack of sleep makes it more difficult to concentrate or learn new things, and can also compromise decision-making processes and creativity. Without the proper amount of sleep, the signals your body sends to the brain may also be delayed, decreasing your coordination and impacting speed, accuracy and reaction times.

    Sleep deprivation negatively affects your mental abilities and emotional state. Poor sleep is linked to depression and mood swings.

    Before you can improve your sleep, you have to understand what the qualities of good sleep are. While we often keep track of the quantity of sleep that we get, we rarely consider the quality of sleep that we get. The National Sleep Foundation published a first-of-its kind set of sleep-quality recommendations in the journal Sleep Health.



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    Join us next week for the second part of this article…

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  • Spring Newsletter, Bob’s Article, Part 2


    Purpose has the power transform lives. That’s why our chairman wrote a two-part guide in our Spring Newsletter to help you (re)discover yours. Part 1 last week covered five steps you can take to find your purpose and this week’s installment reveals the science behind purpose and how purpose guides OHI’s “5Ps to Optimum Health.” Read on to plug into your unique purpose today . . .

    Now is a Great Time to Re-Focus and Discover Your Purpose (Part 2 of 2)

    ‘The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out.’ Proverbs 20:05

    Here at OHI, we can help you identify your unique gifts and purpose in a safe and sacred space. Through our Focus classes and spiritual activities, you will have many opportunities to focus on your unique and God-given gifts that bring you and others joy. Through prayer, alpha, and mindfulness practices, you’ll be able to discover what matters most in your life. We’ll then teach you how to keep what matters most fresh and alive in your mind.

    You do this by practicing the 5 Ps to Optimum Health: Purpose, Positive Mental Attitude, Persistence, Patience, and Prayer. It’s all part of our 21-day holistic healing program. When you are here at OHI, among our like-minded community members and new guests, you’ll have opportunities to quiet your mind, to focus your thoughts inward, to work on the mindfulness that will give you clarity, and help you define or refine your true purpose. What issues do you truly care about? What makes you feel fulfilled? What were you born to do? We will help you find the answers.

    Our philosophy is that God created humans as holistic beings with an integrated body, mind, and spirit. We call this “Wholeness”. We help you come into wholeness by purifying your body, quieting your mind, and renewing your spirit. Through the virtues of love, peace, forgiveness, self-reliance, accountability, and service, you will discover or renew your purpose in life.

    The Science Behind Purpose Driven Lives: People with Purpose are Healthier and Wealthier

    Having a purpose in life is much more important than most people think. Studies show that having purpose leads to a longer healthier, wealthier life. According to a 2010 study published in Applied Psychology people who have a purpose live longer. When Jeanne Louise Calment died in 1997 at the age of 122, she created the record for longest living human in history. Calment reached that old age because she had a purpose, it may not have been a noble one, but it was decidedly a purpose. In 1967, when she was 92 years old, attorney, François Raffray, age 47, offered to pay her $500 per month for the rest of her life, if she would leave her house to him in her will. Calment had no heirs, and she appeared to have nothing to live for. After accepting Raffray’s offer, she went on to live for 30 years, until Raffray died first. Five months later she passed away, too.

    According to Time Magazine, purposeful living has been linked to a lower risk of disease, better sleep, and other healthy behaviors.

    And, according to a study in JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association) Psychiatry, having a purpose in life helps aging people maintain their function and independence. People in the study, who reported having a sense of purpose were less likely to have weak grip strength and slow walking speeds, both of which are signs of declining physical ability and risk factors for disability. They also noted that people with purpose are more proactive in taking care of their health. Additional studies reported that purpose-driven people have lower levels of inflammation.

    And, if that is not enough, a 2016 study published in the Journal of Research and Personality found that “individuals who feel a sense of purpose make more money than individuals who feel as though their work lacks meaning.”

    God created mankind in his own image, and mankind is designed to be able to make plans, have purpose, and see them come to fruition. When you are a guest at OHI, you’ll have the space and time to practice the 24-ancient spiritual disciplines, such as fasting, prayer and meditation. This relieves the body and mind of stress, which will enhance your ability to visualize your purpose and make plans.

    And, Spring is a great time to come back to OHI because it is scientifically the healthiest time of year. The average temperature is the ideal for human comfort. There are more hours of sunlight which boosts people’s moods. The re-leafing of plants refreshes the air by removing 25% of man-made carbon emissions. Plus, just seeing flowers have proven to make people happy. The Spring also means the return of birds, and hearing bird song is also known to make people happier. Combine all of these factors: birdsong, blossoms, delightful temperatures, longer daylight hours, and fresh air, and we are more likely to take outdoor walks which can lower our heart rate and make us feel more relaxed. And, while we’re outside, we can get our daily vitamin D requirement from the sun in as little as ten minutes. Researchers at the University of Michigan found that being outdoors broadened people’s minds, making them more open to new information and creative thoughts. Now that’s the kind of stimulation that will really help you identify your purpose. Make your plans today to come and visit either our San Diego or Austin campus, and let’s get started on your purpose!

    Wishing you health and wellness in this blessed Spring season.

    Yours in prayer,

    Robert P. Nees, Jr.,

    Senior Pastor and Chairman

    Optimum Health Institute of San Diego and Austin

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  • Spring Newsletter, Bob’s Article, Part 1


    People with purpose don’t just live longer—they live better. That’s why our chairman wrote an inspiring guide in our Spring Newsletter to help you (re)discover yours! It’s so packed with how-to advice that we turned it into two posts. Part 1 shares five steps you can take to find your purpose and Part 2 reveals the science behind purpose and how purpose guides OHI’s “5Ps to Optimum Health,” the foundation of our 21 day holistic healing program. Watch for it next week. So let’s started on your purpose right away . . .

    Now is a Great Time to Re-Focus and Discover Your Purpose (Part 1 of 2)

    ‘I know that you can do all things; no purpose of yours can be thwarted.’

    -Job 42:2

    A warm and heartfelt Spring greeting to our OHI community. As the beauty of Spring begins its annual reset with a burst of fresh new colors and textures, the sprouting of leaves and blossoms tells us that nature knows its Divine purpose. This Biblical verse tells us when we know our Divine purpose – we cannot be stopped. It is this concept of “purpose” that I wish to address in this newsletter.

    The change of seasons is very powerful. It can change our mood; it can change our perspective. There is also a great deal of symbology to each season. Spring, for example, is the time of our spiritual calling – the point in our life where we desire a more spiritual relationship between God, ourselves, and the world – our spiritual Spring is when we begin our spiritual life. Spring is also symbolically understood as a time of rebirthing – of transformation – which makes it a wonderful time to rediscover our purpose in life.

    So, what is the definition of your purpose? Simply put, it is the reason you were created and why you exist. But purpose by itself is useless without action and action is useless without

    purpose. Some people seem to know their life purpose from a very early age. I’ve met people who have told me they knew exactly what they wanted to do for the rest of their lives as early as age 13, 10, and even eight. Believe me, this is rare. For the rest us, finding our purpose takes time. Sometimes decades. Many of us will search and change our purpose over time as we learn, mature, and experience more of life. However, just like physical growth, there are no shortcuts when finding our purpose. Specifically, without spiritual and emotional growth our efforts to find purpose will be thwarted.

    As I mentioned above, it is rare to know your purpose in life at an early age. That’s because we need life experiences to know our unique God-given gifts. Until we’ve had opportunities to find and use our gifts, we simply cannot know what brings us and others joy. Gaining self-awareness of our gifts is essential to spiritual and emotional growth and finding our purpose. Don’t feel bad if you haven’t identified your gifts let alone your purpose. I’ve met people in their 40s and 50s who still haven’t found theirs – men and women caught up in careers or habits they were guided toward or developed in their youth before they had a chance to live life on life’s terms. They are now struggling to find their purpose because their past is all they know. But it doesn’t have to remain this way. Remember, it only takes 21 days to change a habit.

    Here’s how you can find or rediscover your purpose in five steps:

    1. Commit to spending one hour a week for three weeks to identify your unique, God-given gifts.
    2. Select a “safe and sacred” space to do your work.
    3. Notice your gifts that bring you joy.
    4. Acknowledge the amount of time you spend each week using your gifts.
    5. Establish the road map to discover your purpose through your gifts.

    When you find activities that bring you and others joy, start devoting your time to it. When you feel joy, it is such a powerful emotion that it speaks the truth from your very soul. You should organize all your activities toward focusing on your gifts. The more you do this, the more you’ll discover help and compatriots that just seem to fortuitously appear. Or as, Chicken Soup for the Soul, author, Jack Canfield said, “Once you are clear about what you want and keep your mind constantly focused on it, the how will keep showing up – sometimes just when you need it and not a moment earlier.”

    Join us next week for the second part of my article…

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  • Take the Springtime 21-Day Detox Challenge

    Take the 21-Day Detox Challenge where you’ll learn how to relax, develop a positive attitude, and focus on what matters most to achieve a happy, fulfilling and healthy life. The results can be life changing!!

    Commit Today to the 21-Day Detox Challenge Where You’ll Experience:

    Weight Loss* – Women typically lose about 5-7 pounds the first week and 2-3 pounds each week after. Men typically lose about 7-10 pounds the first week and 5-7 pounds each week after.

    Increased Energy – Practice gentle exercise and walk every morning. Stimulate the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins, boost the immune system, and contribute to the healing process.

    More Radiant Skin – Eliminate toxins through juice fasting and eating our organic meals. Plus, you’ll make an organic face mask, apply it, relax, wash it off, and feel radiant!

    Sharper Mind – Learn alpha state meditation techniques that tap into your sub consciousness, access your creativity and intuition, visualize positive outcomes, and increase your awareness of God.

    Healthy Body – Practiced for many centuries around the world, detoxification is the process of cleansing the body to promote healing and longevity.

    Better Sense of Well-Being – Learn the spiritual disciplines related to breathing to release stress, control pain, increase emotional awareness, enhance concentration, and facilitate personal growth.

    During your detox journey at OHI, you’ll feel supported by our staff, missionaries, and other guests. Once you’ve completed the Detox Challenge you’ll look better, and you’ll feel like a new person. These changes are essential to a long-term healthy lifestyle.

    Don’t Miss Out on this Powerful Detox Opportunity! Plus, when you stay in any best-available, single-occupancy room, you’ll receive 10% off the entire 3-week program or 5% off a 2-week stay.

    *OHI is not a weight-loss program. Weight loss varies per individual.

    To learn more about our holistic healing program in San Diego or Austin, visit Optimum Health Institute.  We can help you achieve your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual goals for optimal health. To make your reservation, call us at (800) 588-0809.