Spring Newsletter, Bob’s Article, Part 2


Purpose has the power transform lives. That’s why our chairman wrote a two-part guide in our Spring Newsletter to help you (re)discover yours. Part 1 last week covered five steps you can take to find your purpose and this week’s installment reveals the science behind purpose and how purpose guides OHI’s “5Ps to Optimum Health.” Read on to plug into your unique purpose today . . .

Now is a Great Time to Re-Focus and Discover Your Purpose (Part 2 of 2)

‘The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out.’ Proverbs 20:05

Here at OHI, we can help you identify your unique gifts and purpose in a safe and sacred space. Through our Focus classes and spiritual activities, you will have many opportunities to focus on your unique and God-given gifts that bring you and others joy. Through prayer, alpha, and mindfulness practices, you’ll be able to discover what matters most in your life. We’ll then teach you how to keep what matters most fresh and alive in your mind.

You do this by practicing the 5 Ps to Optimum Health: Purpose, Positive Mental Attitude, Persistence, Patience, and Prayer. It’s all part of our 21-day holistic healing program. When you are here at OHI, among our like-minded community members and new guests, you’ll have opportunities to quiet your mind, to focus your thoughts inward, to work on the mindfulness that will give you clarity, and help you define or refine your true purpose. What issues do you truly care about? What makes you feel fulfilled? What were you born to do? We will help you find the answers.

Our philosophy is that God created humans as holistic beings with an integrated body, mind, and spirit. We call this “Wholeness”. We help you come into wholeness by purifying your body, quieting your mind, and renewing your spirit. Through the virtues of love, peace, forgiveness, self-reliance, accountability, and service, you will discover or renew your purpose in life.

The Science Behind Purpose Driven Lives: People with Purpose are Healthier and Wealthier

Having a purpose in life is much more important than most people think. Studies show that having purpose leads to a longer healthier, wealthier life. According to a 2010 study published in Applied Psychology people who have a purpose live longer. When Jeanne Louise Calment died in 1997 at the age of 122, she created the record for longest living human in history. Calment reached that old age because she had a purpose, it may not have been a noble one, but it was decidedly a purpose. In 1967, when she was 92 years old, attorney, François Raffray, age 47, offered to pay her $500 per month for the rest of her life, if she would leave her house to him in her will. Calment had no heirs, and she appeared to have nothing to live for. After accepting Raffray’s offer, she went on to live for 30 years, until Raffray died first. Five months later she passed away, too.

According to Time Magazine, purposeful living has been linked to a lower risk of disease, better sleep, and other healthy behaviors.

And, according to a study in JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association) Psychiatry, having a purpose in life helps aging people maintain their function and independence. People in the study, who reported having a sense of purpose were less likely to have weak grip strength and slow walking speeds, both of which are signs of declining physical ability and risk factors for disability. They also noted that people with purpose are more proactive in taking care of their health. Additional studies reported that purpose-driven people have lower levels of inflammation.

And, if that is not enough, a 2016 study published in the Journal of Research and Personality found that “individuals who feel a sense of purpose make more money than individuals who feel as though their work lacks meaning.”

God created mankind in his own image, and mankind is designed to be able to make plans, have purpose, and see them come to fruition. When you are a guest at OHI, you’ll have the space and time to practice the 24-ancient spiritual disciplines, such as fasting, prayer and meditation. This relieves the body and mind of stress, which will enhance your ability to visualize your purpose and make plans.

And, Spring is a great time to come back to OHI because it is scientifically the healthiest time of year. The average temperature is the ideal for human comfort. There are more hours of sunlight which boosts people’s moods. The re-leafing of plants refreshes the air by removing 25% of man-made carbon emissions. Plus, just seeing flowers have proven to make people happy. The Spring also means the return of birds, and hearing bird song is also known to make people happier. Combine all of these factors: birdsong, blossoms, delightful temperatures, longer daylight hours, and fresh air, and we are more likely to take outdoor walks which can lower our heart rate and make us feel more relaxed. And, while we’re outside, we can get our daily vitamin D requirement from the sun in as little as ten minutes. Researchers at the University of Michigan found that being outdoors broadened people’s minds, making them more open to new information and creative thoughts. Now that’s the kind of stimulation that will really help you identify your purpose. Make your plans today to come and visit either our San Diego or Austin campus, and let’s get started on your purpose!

Wishing you health and wellness in this blessed Spring season.

Yours in prayer,

Robert P. Nees, Jr.,

Senior Pastor and Chairman

Optimum Health Institute of San Diego and Austin

To learn more about our holistic healing program in San Diego or Austin, visit Optimum Health Institute.  We can help you achieve your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual goals for optimal health. To make your reservation, call us at (800) 588-0809.

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