Neyssan Moshref’s Journey to Wellness: Scholarship Recipient Prepares Her Body for Cancer Treatment

In late 2014, Neyssan was diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS). That is the presence of abnormal cells inside a milk duct in the breast. DCIS is considered the earliest form of breast cancer. It is noninvasive, meaning it hasn’t spread out of the milk duct, and has a low risk of becoming invasive.

“In late December 2019, I was close to reaching my 5-year cancer-remission anniversary,” said Neyssan. “Out of the blue, I was stunned to be diagnosed with breast cancer. I was scared, depressed, and lost. My sister, Sahba, knew that before I could face any breast cancer treatment, I first needed to strengthen my body and my spirit. She had heard rave reviews about the OHI San Diego program, and the success guests had in detoxing the mind-body-spirit, so she generously offered to gift me a stay at OHI. We were both surprised and ecstatic to learn that there was an OHI location right here in Austin where I live!”

OHI was an answer to a prayer for Neyssan. “I walked through the doors of OHI on that first Sunday evening pretty broken,” said Neyssan. “My heart and mind were dark, and I was feeling hopeless. The staff welcomed me with big smiles and beautiful energy. We started each day with lymphatic exercises. We would nourish our bodies with healthy raw foods and juices. We had amazing life-changing classes, and time to meditate and breathe. Since this was a process, I knew that I needed the full 3 weeks to reach the level of health to face cancer treatment. I asked about a scholarship, and was so grateful to learn that I would qualify due to my diagnosis. It truly was a blessing. With each passing week, I was blossoming, opening up, and feeling better. By the third week, I was a completely different person, and ready to fight my cancer.”

Neyssan is optimistic about her future. “It’s been close to a month since my stay at OHI,” said Neyssan, “and I am feeling so empowered by what I learned there. My kitchen is now set up with a dehydrator and a juicer, and everyday I workout and take meditative walks. The tools I was given, along with the friendships I developed, are priceless. I’ll be forever grateful to OHI, and the opportunity their generous scholarship gave me to kick start my journey to healing.”

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