Scholarship Recipient Recovers From Cancer Surgery

Basima Rashoo was an experienced aesthetician, a sought-after yoga teacher, and a Kriya yoga practitioner. Raised in Australia, she had lived in Southern California for the past 20 years, and was the picture of good health. But all of that changed in early 2019, when she started experiencing body aches, headaches, lack of sleep, and gastrointestinal problems. After numerous tests, scans showed growths in her uterus. Basima immediately underwent a hysterectomy.

During surgery, doctors found that the growths had metastasized, and Basima’s condition was much more serious than first thought. “This news shocked me to my core,” she said. “I would never have imagined this could happen to me.”

The surgeon recommended chemo and radiation. “I could not fathom living through the gruesome side effects,” said Basima, “and given my grim prognosis, it made no sense to me whatsoever to put myself through all of that.”

Basima decided to take a different path. “I did a lot of soul-searching,” she said. “I just knew I had to go back to basics — a plant-based diet, meditation, and creative visualization. This is how I discovered OHI. After looking into what they offered, their philosophy of healing through body, mind, and spirit resonated strongly with my own core beliefs.”

But Basima’s surgery had forced her to shut down her business, and her medical bills had taken the lion’s share of her savings. “Without an income, there was no way I could afford a stay at OHI,” said Basima. “But I was more determined than ever to get there, and immerse myself in the program. When I learned about their scholarship program, I submitted my application immediately. It was truly a blessing when I found out I had been awarded a scholarship.”

Basima arrived at the OHI campus, and immediately felt at home. “This program gave me the inspiration and discipline to take back control of my health and my life,” she said. “I will forever be thankful for this wonderful opportunity. This scholarship was a God send.”

Basima was so moved by the generosity of OHI’s board that she volunteered to return to OHI as a missionary. “I believe that service plays a large part in the healing process,” said Basima, “so it is my honor to work in service to others at OHI. I thank everyone here from the bottom of my heart for giving me the chance to experience the healing that can only be found at OHI.”

In these uncertain times, look to OHI as your safe haven.  As we celebrate 43 years of holistic healing, we can teach you how achieve your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual goals for optimal health.  Stay safe, and be well.  Above all, embrace positivity!

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