Meet Jennifer Inman, Facilitator at OHI San Diego

Today we are so proud to put the staff spotlight on Jennifer Inman, Facilitator at OHI San Diego.

Q: Give us a little background on yourself, including your work experience prior to joining OHI.

A: I have a Bachelor’s degree in Allied Health, and a Master’s degree in Complementary & Integrated Medicine. Before coming to OHI, I was a Holistic Health & Nutrition coach for 14 years, as well as a Nutritional Microscopis for 12 years. I am also a registered yoga teacher, and have had my own studio for 6 years.

Q: What made you decide to join the staff at OHI?

A: I had wanted to work at OHI San Diego for 7 years. Their philosophies really aligned with my own, and it just seemed like the ideal place to work and learn. I stayed as a guest in April 2019, and I recognized the CEO walking across campus from his photo on the OHI website. I’m not going to lie, I shamelessly ran after him just to have a personal chat. I told him how OHI’s curriculum resonated with my own background as a nutritional coach and yoga instructor, and he generously offered to hire me on trial to teach stretch classes. I joined OHI full-time in December 2019, and I’m now certified to teach 18 different classes including Mind/Body Connection, Digestion, Elimination, Lymphatic Exercise, Stretch, and more.

Q: Describe your current role at OHI.

A: As a facilitator, not only do I teach the OHI curriculum, but I also counsel guests. I meet with them 1-on-1 for a 30-minute coaching session. I answer any questions they may have, we talk about nutrition, how a detox diet impacts the body, and how eating living raw foods can fundamentally change their health, their immune system, and more. Frequently, the conversation turns to emotional detox, so we talk about the benefits of various meditation techniques, journaling, etc. I really love the 1-on-1 coaching sessions because I feel like I have the opportunity to make a personal connection with each guest. It’s an honor for me to provide a safe space to hear their concerns, and to be able to start them off on the path to better health.

Q: What do you look forward to experiencing most each time a new cohort of guests arrives?

A: I love watching people heal and transform. Every time I teach a class, I look forward to the experience of watching people “get it.” You can see individuals that put in the hard work to plug back into themselves and peel away the layers of comfort connect with their own growing spirituality. It’s an “a-ha” moment that is just amazing to witness. I always emphasize the science of how the body and nutrition works, and seeing how the body/mind/spirit connection all comes together in a single moment of realization really helps solidify my own faith.

Q: What is the biggest change you’ve noticed in yourself since you started working at OHI?

A: Before I came to OHI, I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, panic attacks, and heart arrhythmias. I always ate a healthly diet and did lots of exercise, but inside I was cynical and unhappy. Now that I’ve worked through the OHI curriculum, I truly understand the mind/body connection, and can see how negative thoughts and beliefs directly contribute to poor health. Now that I’ve learned to let go of the attitude, looked for the lesson, and found gratitude in every situation, I feel I can live my best life.

Q: Do you find there is a connection between food and spirituality for you?

A: Absolutely! Food is a gift! It’s what makes the body work at its best, and the better the food we put in our bodies, the more we get out of life. When I grow my own food, I feel like it’s watching a baby being born. There is something miraculous about planting a seed, and watching that seed grow into a plant that will go on to nourish our bodies. To pick lettuce right out of the garden, feel it still warm from the sun, and be able to turn that into a beautiful salad for dinner is heaven.

Q: For those seeking spiritual evolution, do you have any advice that might help pivot their journey in a more productive direction?

A: Some people grow through journaling, others through meditation, and others through exercise. Spiritual evolution is a very personal journey, and you should find the means that is most meaningful to you. For me, yoga is how I heal. It brings me joy. It brings me strength. It brings me closer to God. I hope everyone keeps looking for the means that best speaks to them, because the healing they will find on the other side is wonderful.

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