Scholarship Recipient Recovers From Cancer Diagnosis

Christopher Toussaint has been an independent filmmaker for over 40 years, creating dozens of documentaries over his career. Some of those documentaries covered non-conventional health therapies. When he was diagnosed with 3rd stage Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, he immediately knew that he didn’t want to pursue chemo.

“I saw first-hand through documentaries how devastating chemo can be,” said Christopher. “Chemo was going to turn my entire body into a battleground. I just felt there had to be another way.”

In 2007, Christopher had worked on the film “Raw For Life,” and he understood the benefits a raw diet could have for a body in crisis.

“OHI’s program sounded perfect,” said Christopher. “They look at your current condition as a healing opportunity, not a crisis. It’s that positivity that really spoke to me. I’m semi-retired, so a scholarship was the only way to make OHI a reality for me. When they called to say I had been awarded the scholarship, I could feel my stress starting to drain away.”

Christopher arrived at OHI San Diego in January 2020 for his 3-week stay. “The first thing I saw in the Optimum Health Store was a DVD of the film ‘The Cure Is — The Power of Belief in Healing.’ I was the editor and associate producer on that film. I knew right away that this was going to be a productive 3 weeks for me.”

Christopher dove right in, and found the wheat grass juice and raw food energizing. “So much of what we eat and learn about at OHI resonates with me,” said Christopher. “The raw diet makes total sense to me. The daily word, the journaling, and the dinner blessing all really spoke to me on a spiritual level. The colonics were so powerful in cleaning out impacted toxins that were probably residing in me for 40 years. OHI has completely turned my prognosis around. I feel my lymphoma is in remission. I have no night sweats, no itching. I’ve lost 30 pounds. The size of my lymph nodes is way down. I am truly grateful to the staff and missionaries at OHI for this experience, and will do everything in my power to maintain the body/mind/spirit improvements they have guided me to.”

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