How to Have a Joyful Holiday

During the winter holidays, many people experience a mixture of emotions. They may yearn to focus on the true meaning of the holidays, and resolve that this year they will keep things simple and uncomplicated. But as strong as their resolve may be, they often find themselves pulled in too many different directions, spending too much money on gifts, and feeling stressed much of the time.

In an article titled, “The Real Meaning of the Holidays,” spiritual advisor Sanjeev Verma writes: “Though this time of year is especially festive, it can also bring up stress, conflict, and financial struggles for many people. Whether it’s apprehension of tense family gatherings or anxiety over not purchasing the right presents, it’s not uncommon to feel a sense of burden when contemplating the holidays and what they signify.”

The reality is, it’s difficult to remain unaffected by the pervasive commercialism of the holidays. It can cause us to lose focus and challenges our mindfulness. We are barraged by advertising, including images that make us wistful for the magical days of our youth. At the same time, anticipation and hope can increase our sense of stress … when all we really want is to gather together and experience the love and joy of friends and family.

Many of us find ourselves saying, “I’m just not ready for the holidays.” This year when you find that thought surfacing, replace it with one of these: “This holiday season I give myself permission to do what brings me the greatest pleasure,” or “Divine guidance makes everything around me align perfectly for a pleasant holiday season.” The idea is to take a moment and set your intentions for the holidays now, so that you can relax and enjoy them. That way, you will feel centered, calm, and balanced throughout the weeks ahead.

It’s perfectly okay to feel the feelings we get this time of year—as long as they inspire us and bring us joy. But when they create depression or anxiety, it’s time to move back into the present. Remember, you have the power to choose how you spend your holidays. You should feel free to take time for yourself, to reset your system, and allow yourself to fully relax.

A great way to do that is to take a holistic holiday here at Optimum Health Institute. You will enjoy the love and support of your friends and family in the OHI community. You’ll be surrounding yourself with people who treat you well and won’t judge you. You’ll spend your holidays with those who approve of you, and encourage you.

Whether you observe Christmas, Hanukkah, or simply the giving spirit of the season, commemorate it at OHI. Here is the perfect environment to rediscover the place within you that is peaceful and harmonious. Even better, share your experience with a friend. When you give the gift of healing body, mind, and spirit, you show your friends how much you really care.

Then, we invite you to join us again for New Years week. At OHI, you will learn to create more balance in your life every day … what an amazing way to kick off a brand-new year. And if you like to make resolutions, you will find the support you need from people who will help you keep those resolutions.

Spend some time at OHI during the holidays. You’ll create holidays to remember—holistic holidays of health and happiness. And when you think about stress? You’ll be thinking about something from the past, not the present.

We at OHI wish for you a happy, healthy, loving, and peaceful holiday season.

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