Introducing Carla Boeck, Kitchen Manager at OHI San Diego!

Carla has been interested in nutrition for as long as she can remember. Of course, she started out by researching the nutritional value of horse feed…

“I worked as an assistant horse trainer for 5 years,” laughed Carla. “These horses were on the professional show circuit, so they received the best of care. But sometimes a horse would develop diabetes, or other serious health issues, so I started researching what was going into their horse feed. I knew nutrition had to be at the root of their problem.”

Carla went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition from San Diego State University in 2014, and was looking for a job that would not only utilize her knowledge of nutrition, but also emphasize her values and her enthusiasm for helping people.

“I started working at OHI in the spring of 2015,” said Carla, “and I’ve been here for almost 6 years, working my way up from food prep to kitchen manager. I chose to work here instead of in the food service industry because this job allows me to help people grow as human beings through food.”

Carla is not only the kitchen manager at OHI, she also teaches several food-based classes, and oversees the greenhouse.

“As kitchen manager, I want to make sure the guest experience is the best it can be,” said Carla. “My staff and I are always looking to make new recipes and utilize the foods that are in season as much as possible while maintaining the meal structure of the program. We are also working to increase the amount of farm-to-table produce we serve, making sure it is all certified organic from local farms. We also work to grow all of our own wheatgrass in our campus greenhouse, as well as a small amount of sprouts. To be honest, I’m still learning the fine points of growing sprouts. It’s HARD!”

Carla really gets to know the guests well in all the food classes she teaches. “I teach Fermented Foods 1 & 2, Dehydrated Foods, and Menu Planning,” said Carla. “My favorite class to teach is Fermented Foods 1. Guests not only learn how to ferment foods, but I also introduce new

concepts like how to make your own seed milk and how to spiralize vegetables. I want guests to leave the class feeling confident that they can easily do all of this at home.”

Carla knows many people have a combative relationship with food, and they come to OHI to try to resolve some of those personal issues. “So many guests struggle with food, fear food, or are confused about food,” she said. “At OHI, we take the mystery out of food, and help you learn to use food to honor your body. And ‘honoring your body’ doesn’t mean you have to make big changes to your diet all at once. Progress can be made by just making changes to your thought direction on food choices.”

So what has Carla learned about herself working at OHI? “I think I’ve learned patience,” said Carla. “Guests will often come to me with food questions, but what they really want to do is just talk. Sometimes just being heard and feeling validated is all that they really need to jumpstart the change within themselves.”

Carla is so enthusiastic about each new cohort of guests that arrives. “My advice to new guests is to come with an open mind,” she said. “You have to trust that this program is going to work for you. No matter whether your goals are for physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual growth, this program will get you there. And I am honored to be a part of that growth.”

During your visit, our caring team can help you achieve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual goals for optimal health. Visit our website at, and call us at (800) 588-0809
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