Meet Eva Loseth, a “Frequent Flyer” at OHI!

Eva Loseth is a true Chicagoan at heart, but she sure does love the warm embrace of the California sun. “I grew up in Chicago,” said Eva, “but after college I put down roots in California for 15 years. I love California’s sun, healthy produce, canyons, and their beautiful beaches. I’ve been happily back in Chicago for a decade now, but going back to OHI San Diego is a trip I always look forward to.”

Eva is a “frequent flyer” at OHI, having been a guest at the San Diego campus approximately 10 times. “I first went to OHI in 2001 at the suggestion of a friend,” said Eva. “After all of this time, OHI has become a vital sanctuary to me. Each time I go back I discover a new perspective on something that helps build my toolset for healthy living.”

Eva usually stays at OHI for 1 or 2 weeks at a time, but for her most recent stay she set aside a full 4 weeks. “My mother suffered a catastrophic stroke in August, and I spent eight nights in the ICU by her side,” said Eva. “I was holding her hand as she passed away, and the grief I felt was deeply profound. My heart was broken in a thousand pieces, and I knew I needed to process my grief in a loving, nurturing environment. As soon as I could safely get on a plane I went to OHI.”

Eva’s daily OHI routine keeps her active while still giving her time alone to be reflective. “I like starting my day with the morning exercise class,” said Eva. “The movement gets me out of my head, and into a place where I can focus on the strength and resilience of my body. If my body stays strong, then I know my heart, mind, and spirit will follow. After exercise class, I attend the daily Breakfast Circle, which helps jumpstart my day with a thoughtful meditation.”

Eva takes as many classes as she can whenever she visits OHI. “The You Validation class and the Mental Detox class are wonderful, especially for first-time guests,” said Eva. “It’s very important to learn how to cancel negative thinking. Attending the Release Ceremony is always so beautiful and moving for me. And the Eat, Pray, Live class has great ideas for jazzing up my food once I go home.”

Eva thinks that no matter the reason for your visit, the success of your journey is dependent upon one thing. “When you come to OHI, come with an open mind, an open heart, and a willingness to put in the work on yourself,” Eva said. “Every guest that walks through those doors has a different set of challenges and opportunities, but we all want to be the best of version of ourselves that we can be. So my advice is to spend your time at OHI focusing on the journey. Take the classes. Write in a gratitude journal. Eat the food. Go for a walk, and immerse yourself in nature. You will come out of your stay a different person. 2020 was the most difficult year of my life, and losing my beautiful dear mother is the greatest challenge I have yet to face. Taking the time to heal my heart is absolutely vital to my ongoing health, and I know my mom would want me to grieve in a way that leads me to grow as a human being.”

“ I am so grateful that OHI is here as a meaningful, holistic refuge whenever I need it.”

In these uncertain times, look to OHI as your safe haven. As we celebrate 44 years of holistic healing, we can teach you how achieve your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual goals for optimal health. Stay safe, and be well. Above all, embrace positivity!

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