Tanya Roman’s Journey to Wellness

Scholarship Recipient Recovers from Cancer Surgery

Tanya Roman remembers June 2012 well. It was when she was first diagnosed with cancer. Following surgery, she went through 6 weeks of chemotherapy, where she experienced hypersensitivities to the drugs.

“It was the longest 6 weeks of my life,” sighed Tanya.

Unfortunately, six years later the cancer returned. Tanya underwent the same chemotherapy treatments, and again experienced more drug hypersensitivities.

“I felt strongly that my body wanted to heal,” said Tanya. “But after five days of being unable to eat, I felt lost. I remembered that a friend had told me about OHI as an alternative treatment for cancer. I called them, and they invited me to come in that very day. When I arrived, I found out the woman who greeted me had also been diagnosed with THE SAME cancer many years ago, and here she was looking vibrant and healthy. That immediately confirmed my belief in my body’s ability to heal itself.”

OHI saw that Tanya’s situation was dire, and they gifted her a scholarship for a three-week stay. “The amazing thing was that within three days I felt like a completely different person,” she said.

Tanya was on board with the raw food diet from the start. “The diet of organic raw food, the fasting, and the colonics seemed to be game changers to me,” Tanya said. “I could tell it was exactly what my body needed.”

Tanya also felt invigorated by the classes. “I was so impressed by how the instructors would teach each person how to accomplish their goals for their best life. It wasn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. For me, I found meditation to be the key to enhancing the positivity of my thoughts.”

Tanya choked up when asked about her OHI experience as a scholarship recipient. “Few things come along in life that offer true transformation,” she said. “OHI does just that. This scholarship gave me a life-altering experience, and I can’t thank them enough. They taught me spiritual positivity, and how to have an open spiritual relationship with the world around me. When life is too much, I know I can ask God for help.”

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