Staff Spotlight: Introducing Eryn Shropshire, Assistant Kitchen Manager at OHI San Diego!

Even as a little girl, Eryn always knew she wanted to help others.  “I feel so lucky to be working at OHI” she said.  “I am able to help people every day through the power of food.  I just find that so inspiring!”

Eryn pursued her interest in food right from the start.  She worked for two years at a large restaurant in SeaWorld, catering to guests with special dietary needs looking for custom vegetarian and vegan meals.  She then spent two years working in a Taiwanese bakery, creating gorgeous breads from around the world.  “The recipes were all so complex and interesting,” said Eryn.  “It was challenging, and really appealed to my creative side.”

Eryn graduated from San Diego Mesa College in 2016 with a degree in Culinary Arts Management.  When applying for culinary positions, she kept repeatedly seeing a post for a job opening in the kitchen at OHI.  “I decided God was trying to tell me something,” laughed Eryn, “so I submitted an application.  As I learned more about the mission and values of OHI, I just knew I had to work here.”

Eryn started in the entry level food prep position, and has worked her way up to the assistant kitchen manager position.  She also works a bit in the greenhouse, at the front desk, and in the store.  “I love being involved in the guest experience on so many levels,” said Eryn.  “When guests come to me with questions, I want to empower them with knowledge and tools so that they continue this program on their own when they go home.  I share my knowledge on everything from how to grow your own wheatgrass to recipes for fermenting foods to understanding how cabbage detoxes the liver.  I hope the information shared with them is something they will pass on to friends and family, and even more people will feel empowered to heal.”

When Eryn first interviewed at OHI, the benefits of the raw, organic, vegan diet really resonated with her.  “There is a video we show new guests that details our founder’s passion for helping people with health opportunities,” said Eryn.  “At the time, my mother had just been diagnosed with cancer, and I felt that I was meant to be at OHI so I could better help her.  The more I learn about the benefits of raw food, the more I’m able to share that with my mom to help her heal. Now that I eat all organic myself, I have no more headaches, no inflammation, and much more energy.  I get so much out of working here, and in return I’m able to give so much back to other people in my life.”

So what is the one thing Eryn looks forward to each week as a new cohort of guests arrives?  “I love establishing a connection with individual guests,” smiled Eryn.  “Guests come here for different reasons, many of them are in crisis, and I want to hold space for their healing to occur.  It’s a very humbling experience when people share their personal stories with me.  It makes me want to redouble my efforts to ensure every guest walks away from OHI feeling truly transformed.”

Eryn says no two days are ever the same at OHI.  “You never know what you’ll get here,” said Eryn.  “It’s such a supportive, non-judgmental space, and when guests embrace the truths we share with them about food, about their body, and about the power of positivity, all things suddenly become possible.  I truly love it here at OHI.  Coming to work doesn’t feel like work.  It feels like coming home to friends.”

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