Guest Spotlight: Meet Christy Silness, OHI’s Unofficial Guest Ambassador!

As a hospice nurse, Christy Silness knows she has to take care of herself so she can better care for others.  “While hospice nursing is difficult, it has been the honor of my life to help guide and support patients and families through the transition of death.  Of course, the intensity of nursing takes its toll.  It’s challenging to keep myself healthy, strong, and open while supporting others on their journey.  Back in 2006, I knew I needed to get back into balance, so I gave the OHI program a try.  It has become a sacred refuge, and a place where I can reset my health and priorities.  Retreating to OHI has helped me feel more in tune with what I really need for nourishment.”

Christy’s first visit was to OHI Austin.  “I absolutely LOVED my first visit!” enthused Christy.  “The staff are some of the most truly love-centered people I have ever met.  The program was like nothing I had done before, but I felt thoroughly guided and supported in the process.  I had originally signed up for a two-week visit, but by the end of the first week I felt called to stay and complete the entire 3-week program.  I attended every class, stayed true to the program, and the results paid off.  I felt lighter both mentally and physically in a way that I hadn’t felt in years.  The veils were lifted.  OHI really gets it right.  The classes, food, and fellowship with staff and guests have created a synergistic trinity of healing, a holy space where miracles happen.  I’ve continued to see those miracles happen over and over again in the last 15 years.  I’ve stayed at both the San Diego and Austin campuses of OHI more times than I can count.  I also took time off from my nursing job to be an OHI missionary TWICE.  That’s how life-changing I think this program is.  That’s why I consider myself OHI’s unofficial Guest Ambassador!”

What does Christy look forward to experiencing most each time she returns to OHI?  “Everyone who arrives at OHI is looking for some aspect of healing,” said Christy.  “We stand before each other without our armor, ready to let go and move forward.  It’s a beautiful thing, and I’m amazed with each and every visit how powerful the experience is.  The love we have for each other is what I think brings about the true healing.  I experience this miracle of fellowship with every visit.  OHI really is my church.  It’s a holy place.”

Christy has taken every class OHI offers multiple times, but there are a few that have truly changed her.  “The meditation, breathing, and toning classes are always so powerful,” said Christy.  “But my favorite is the Friday morning testimonials.  I am always moved and uplifted by the intimate and honest stories people share about the profound ways their OHI stay has changed their lives.  These stories are testimonials to the power of the OHI program, and a beautiful reminder of why we all keep coming back.”

From OHI, Christy has learned to practice gratitude by being present in the moment.  “Being in the moment through music, meditation, and prayer helps me to heal and evolve in the right direction,” said Christy.  “It’s such a beautiful and challenging thing, this life.  As a hospice nurse, I am reminded of its duality of light and dark every day.  If there’s any advice I can give others is that it’s never too late to make a change.  Come to OHI.  And remember to love and let go with all of your heart.”

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