Missionary Spotlight: Get to Know OHI Missionary, Dr. Pannell Carr

Dr. Pannell Carr is a frequent guest at OHI, having stayed at the San Diego campus more than five times.  “I come to OHI every time I am ready to make a major life transition,” laughed Pannell.  “When I first visited in 2000, I was looking to transition from practicing internal medicine to incorporating psychotherapy into my practice.  I now have a Jungian-oriented, spiritual centered, mind-body psychological counseling and coaching practice, where I guide and coach others to heal to their spiritual core, master themselves, express their full potential, and manifest their greatest and highest good.  Presently I am transitioning into becoming an author of self-help books.  My intention was to do a very deep and thorough cleanse to support my body’s ability to remain healthy and happy in this next phase of life.  Taking an extended stay at OHI as a missionary seemed like the perfect choice to accomplish that.”

Pannell’s devotion to the OHI program is evident.  “My first visit to OHI was nothing short of miraculous,” said Pannell.  “At the age of 40, I started waking up to a body full of aches and joint pain.  I knew if I didn’t do something deeply healing, my future would be filled with worsening physical pain and probably disease.  After my first week at OHI, all my pain was gone.  I also got rid of brain fog, allergies, and eczema, and my energy level was off the charts.  I felt so alive, clear, energized, pain-free, and motivated to pursue my vision, it was astounding.  20 years later, I have maintained a healthy diet — I became a vegetarian/70% raw foodist, and took wheat, sugar, and meat out of my diet.  Because of that, my body aches, allergies, and eczema have never returned.  At the age of 60, I don’t experience my body aging or limiting me in any way.”

OHI didn’t just inspire Pannell to change her diet.  The program also taught her to let go of ego as well.  “I have learned that my ego is a heavy, untrustworthy burden to carry,” she said.  “When I put down my ego, it allows room for a greater good to show up.  When I let go of fear, it leaves room for the spirit’s loving presence to come into my life.  I have learned to recognize that the spirit is behind all change.”

So when did OHI’s missionary program factor into Pannell’s life plan?  “Being a healer at heart,” said Pannell.  “I receive great joy supporting others on their healing journeys.  I like being of service, and taking on the role of missionary has helped me to align and center my entire nature in support of the worthy goal of mind, body, spirit healing of self and others.”

Pannell was seeking a spiritual evolution for herself, and found a way to pivot her journey in a more productive direction.  “I found that I use food to run away from the negative thought patterns and feelings that keep me from my spiritual realizations,” said Pannell.  “So I came to OHI to do the reverse, and use food to cleanse and support my efforts to become more attuned to my spiritual nature, helping me to move through what is blocking my conscious connection with the spirit.”

What is Pannell’s advice for others considering a stay at OHI?  “Whether we realize it or not, most of our lives we are making a mess of things,” said Pannell.  “Coming to OHI gives you a jumpstart on cleansing and clearing up that unconscious mess on all levels, and begin to consciously co-create a life of health and well-being in harmony with the highest good for self and others.”

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