Missionary Spotlight: Get to Know OHI Missionary, Jane Jones

Jane Jones is matriarch to a BIG family.  “I’m a mom of three grown children, seven adult step-children, twenty grandkids, three dogs, and six chickens,” said Jane.  “We moved a lot for my husband’s job as an insurance executive, so I’ve lived on both coasts, in the Rocky Mountains, in the Midwest, and in London.  I received a culinary degree from le Cordon Bleu, I’m certified in sports therapy, and I am currently finishing a sociology degree.  I am an empty nester for the first time since I was 21 years old!”

Jane has visited the San Diego campus eight times over the course of her life.  “My acupuncturist told me about OHI twenty years ago,” said Jane.  “The first time I visited, I only stayed a week because my kids were young.  I thought I was there to lose a bit of baby weight, but after a few days I felt so happy and peaceful I realized I was really there for my spiritual and emotional well-being.  Each time I stay I discover something new about myself as a flawed human committed to improvement.”

It took almost two decades before Jane felt ready to be part of OHI’s missionary program.  “I had always been interested in the missionary program,” said Jane, “but the 3-month stay didn’t work with managing a large family.  I booked a two-week stay a year ago after being diagnosed with Lyme disease.  I met Tamara, who was serving as a missionary at the time.  She also had young adult children, and I talked with her about the worries I had about being away from my kids for three months.  The next day, Tamara found me and said, ‘I’ve been thinking about our conversation, and I want you to know that one of the reasons I decided to become a missionary was for my children.  I need them to know that it’s okay to put your health and well-being first.’  That really struck a chord with me.  If I wasn’t at my best, I couldn’t give my family my best.  OHI is a place where I am not someone’s mom or wife.  I am just me.  I get time to reconnect with myself.”

During Jane’s time as a missionary, she balanced working with guests with some intensive work on herself.  “I really wanted to work on overcoming some personal flaws,” said Jane.  “I spent time reading books by experts, and praying for guidance.  What I came away with is self-compassion.  I’m not always going to get it right in life, but I am doing my best.  Forgiving myself and self-love are the most profound spiritual exercises in my life now.  Also, my missionary buddies love me, and helped me to see the good in myself.  For that, I will always be grateful.”

When Jane was a guest, she made it a point to go to as many classes as possible.  As a missionary, she encouraged all guests to do the same.  “I have two ‘favorite classes’ at OHI,” said Jane.  “I love the Vocal Toning class.  Sometimes I have so much energy after the class I feel like I could levitate!  I also love the Focus class.  I’m not a naturally organized person, and this class really gives you tools for living successfully.”

Whether she’s at home or at OHI, Jane makes her diet a priority.  “Our bodies hold our spirits” she said.  “When we feed our bodies nutrient dense foods, we feel better.  When I eat well, I’m more in tune spiritually.  I eat more raw food than I used to, and I eat out less.  A restaurant just can’t compare to what you can make at home with organic produce.  Also, I always have homegrown sprouts in the fridge.  They’re so easy to sprout yourself.”

In addition to her food choices, Jane keeps her daily celebrations simple yet meaningful.  “I meditate every morning,” she said.  “I read scriptures, and spend time in prayer.  I also have affirmations, and a positive mantra I repeat during stressful times.  I also spend time in nature as often as possible to help myself heal.  I’ve been mostly sedentary the last couple of years battling Lyme Disease and Epstein-Barr.  After my 3-month stay at OHI, I’m back to mountaineering.  This week I climbed two 14,000ft peaks in Colorado.  I am amazed at how well I’m doing!”

While serving as a missionary, Jane shared a simple piece of advice with guests.  “Make time for quiet daily,” she said.  “The world is so noisy, and we often buy into the rush — that somehow our lives have more meaning if our days are overflowing with tasks.  Time in meditation and prayer opens our hearts to inspiration.  If there’s too much noise in our lives, we can’t hear the quiet whisperings that are there to guide us.”

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