• An Invitation to Experience OHI Austin

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    OHI Austin offers an island of peace

    Your OHI Austin experience will provide a safe and sacred place where you can escape your busy world and embrace peace and serenity. Leisurely strolls along our 1.5-mile, beautifully landscaped pathways invite you to meditate and center yourself. Concerns and stress will float away in our tranquil outdoor pool. The massaging flow of our hot tub will relax you while the warm water calms and helps restore your body, mind, and spirit.

    Feel yourself winding down as the sun sets

    As the daylight grows dim, you can spend alone-time or community in our inviting and inspiring Great Hall. You’ll dine on delicious fresh certified-organic raw food meals poolside or in our cozy dining room. At day’s end, you can retreat to your comfortable room to journal, read, meditate or sleep. OHI Austin is restorative, restful and life changing.

    Expand your stay and explore Austin the city upcoming events

    Before or after your OHI experience, consider extending your stay in the Austin area. Austin has long been famous for its music festivals, and now for its events of all kinds.

    Our OHI Austin staff is looking forward to meeting you and sharing with you the OHI holistic healing program with Texas hospitality. For more information visit our website then call us at (800) 993-4325 to make your reservation.

  • Laughter Therapy is no Joking Matter

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    “Quotes found on the internet are not always accurate.”

                                                 -Abraham Lincoln

    Are you laughing at that?  Great!  You’re literally doing your body good.

    An Optimum Health Institute (OHI) guest shared the story of how, when she was stricken with a brain aneurysm, despite her pain she was able to joke with her neurologist that she knew “It was all in her head.”  He later told her he was positive that the only reason she survived was because of her bizarre sense of humor.  By being able to laugh in the face of a life-threatening event, she could maintain a healthy balance in her body, mind and spirit, making her surgery and complete recovery come off without a hitch.

    It’s a medically proven fact – laughter really is the best medicine.  A good laugh loosens up the whole body, relieving physical tension and stress and leaving your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes.  It effectively massages the diaphragm, thorax, abdomen, heart, lungs and even the liver.

    It boosts the immune system by decreasing stress hormones and increasing immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies.  Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. That can mean less pain, and quicker healing times.

    Laughter protects the heart by improving the function of blood vessels and increasing blood flow.  It’s not just a great tonic for individuals — laughter brings groups together in a positive, fun way, resolving conflicts and energizing everyone while establishing a strong connection.  It’s the quickest way to bring your body, mind and spirit into healthy balance.

    While documented evidence of using laughter to heal goes all the way back to the 13th century, in contemporary times, former Saturday Review editor Norman Cousins is credited with bringing the concept into mainstream consciousness.  According to the story, Mr. Cousins cured himself of a progressive illness with a self-invented regimen of laughter and vitamins.  His writings on the topic sparked interest in laughter therapy, and the funny idea took off.

    The power of laughter to heal is now so respected that Laughter Yoga classes are gaining in popularity, and hospitals across the nation are incorporating both formal and informal laughter therapy into their therapeutic regimes.  Even the pentagon is using it to help military families, training “laugh leaders” to help families use laughter as a stress releaser. 

    A funny thing about laughter therapy — the brain can’t tell if we’re laughing for real or using “forced laughter,” where we intentionally start to make “ha-ha-ha” sounds and gradually turn up the intensity.  Whether we just watched a YouTube video of a cat chasing a bear up a tree, or we’re “faking” our laughter, our body immediately starts to squirt out the good chemicals that calm us down, lower that blood pressure, relax our muscles and all the other positive benefits a great belly laugh delivers.

    When you regularly camp out with some favorite movie comedies, challenge the kids to a squirt gun battle or just intentionally make yourself laugh, you’re wisely including some very healing “funny business” in your life. 

    Keeping your body, mind, and spirit in alignment is important for achieving good health. If you are looking for a holistic healing program, and a lot of good laughs, visit Optimum Health Institute in San Diego or Austin. We can help you achieve your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual goals for optimal health in 2013. Call us at (800) 993-4325 to make your reservation.

  • How to Pray – no Religion Required!


    While you read this, take a moment to pause, take a deep breath, and feel the oxygen circulating into your lungs and throughout your body.  Now recall a recent moment you enjoyed with your family or close friends.  Feel the warmth of their companionship; perhaps the unexpected joy of sudden laughter, maybe a hug or a caring glance.  Finally, feel heart-centered gratitude for this happy memory.

    Congratulations.  You just prayed.

    If you ever silently asked for help during a challenge, or were overwhelmed at the beauty of a sunset, those count as prayers, too.  Even just saying “good bye” is from the old English blessing and prayer, “God be with ye.”  All sincere, spontaneous appeals for help, expressions of gratitude or feelings of awe are, pure and simple, prayers.

    Contrary to what many tend to believe, prayer doesn’t have to be religious in nature.  It doesn’t have to follow a strict formula, be done in the presence of others or even, technically, be directed specifically to God.  Rather, true prayer is the sincere desire of the heart – and all true prayers are answered.

    A practice called “The Law of Attraction,” which gained global prominence in the movie “The Secret,” is a form of prayer.  It consists of mindfully focusing on what you intend to bring into your life.  Even though this concept is taught in Judeo-Christian scripture, Native American beliefs and other spiritual disciplines, it doesn’t require any religious belief to do it effectively.  It just requires holding a specific intent in your consciousness, and imagining it already coming into being.

    To pray is to consciously connect with a power greater than yourself, however you choose to conceptualize that power.  There’s a spiritual duality to prayer, because even as you go outside of yourself to link up to God, or Spirit, or Divine Love, you are simultaneously going deeper into yourself.

    The Optimum Health Institute (OHI) teaches classes in how to reach an Alpha state, where you can tap into your sub conscious, or God Consciousness, depending on your spiritual orientation.  In quantum physics, this state of being is called the unified or quantum field, where everything, and everyone, are interconnected.

    When you pray, you automatically link into this higher Alpha state, and influence your state of mind, which then influences your “state of body.”  Your body obediently responds by releasing stress and depression, causing you to breathe more deeply, lowering your blood pressure and helping you digest and sleep in a more balanced, healthy way.

    The more you consciously enter into this Alpha prayer state, with or without the religious trappings, the more you start to create new mental habits, and subsequent new behaviors.  Studies have actually shown positive physical changes that help prevent mental illness in the brains of people who have prayed for a long period of time.

    No matter what your spiritual orientation is, when your body, mind, and spirit are aligned, you can achieve optimum health. If you are looking for a holistic healing program, visit Optimum Health Institute in San Diego or Austin. We can help you achieve your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual goals for optimal health in 2013. Call us at (800) 993-4325 to make your reservation.

  • Soaking Away Tension and Stress


    Stress is a significant health problem for most adults, because stress is constantly building from the pressure of work, family, and other obligations. Unfortunately, many people do not take the time necessary to relieve this stress. There are both emotional and physical consequences of overloading oneself with stress, so it is important to learn to harness stress on a daily basis. Soaking in the bath is an excellent stress relief technique that you can utilize every day. It is important to start out your bath with dry brushing your skin.

    History of the bathing ritual

    Ancient civilizations of the east and west enjoyed baths because of their healing power and luxurious appeal. Bath houses existed in Rome, Japan, and Egypt, and these centers were extravagant structures where the rich and poor would gather to cleanse, socialize, and be entertained. Some bath houses were large enough to fit thousands of patrons, but they generally featured private rooms for more notable citizens. As societies continued to evolve, the bath became a fixture in the home, making baths a more private affair. However, there is still some semblance of ancient bath houses in today’s public saunas and hot tubs.

    Physical and spiritual effects

    Soaking in a bath heals in two ways. First, the warmth of the bath causes a physiological reaction in the body. The blood vessels dilate and increase circulation, which causes the muscles to relax. Deep tension can be released simply from a long soak in water just over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. As your body relaxes physically, the chemical dopamine is released in the brain to give you a sensation of euphoria and help you let go of the emotional stresses in your life, enhancing your path for spiritual contemplation and connection. 

    Enhancing the healing power of your bath

    You can unlock more healing power from your soak by adding aromatic salts and oils  that trigger various reactions to help you feel energized, sleepy, sensual, or deeply relaxed. Floral and herbal oils tend to promote more calm sensations while brighter scents such as citrus fruit and juniper berry will excite your senses and wake you up.
    The OHI store carries a great selection of essential oils that are perfect for adding to your bath. You can order by calling the OHI store at (888) 643-7867.

    Soaking is only one of the many ways to heal yourself holistically . If you are interested in other healing strategies you can discover them through the holistic healing program at Optimum Health Institute. You will learn alongside other guests how to quiet the mind, awaken the spirit, and cleanse the body with prayer, meditation, raw food dieting, detoxing the body and exercise. You can find more details about the OHI program or by calling (800) 993-4325.

  • Ways to Create Happiness in Your Day


    Happiness is an elusive trait that everyone seems to be after, but no one has a single solution on how to attain it—in part because happiness is perceived differently by each individual. However, there is more to consider when you are trying to create your own happiness and live with a smile on your face. Instead of tackling happiness as a large, singular goal, you can feel happier every day with simple techniques to bring you more joy.

    Spend time with friends

    People are social creatures, so embrace your desire to interact with others by making more time for your close friends and family. Even taking a short walk with a good friend every day can remind you of the more simple joys in life and help you let go of negative feelings and have an attitude of gratitude.

    Do more of what you love

    A great start in tapping into your bliss is taking note of the activities that help to make you smile. If you find that you love to prepare dinner for your family, try incorporating more cooking into your routine. If painting makes you feel happy, calm and at peace, then make sure to schedule time to enjoy this magical time. If singing along to your favorite tunes puts a smile on your face then sing everyday in the car on your way to work.

    Relax with a bath

    Relaxation is important to your happiness, because stress releases hormones that trigger emotions of anger or sadness. A warm bath with scented oils can ease your mind and relax your body so that you feel revitalized and ready to get back to your day or prepare you for a restful night of soothing sleep.

    Start a garden

    Give yourself a healthy dose of sunshine each day by starting a small garden to grow food or flowers in your home. The plants you grow will brighten up your environment, and the time spent outside can help you center yourself and experience with appreciation in the little things like the sound of birds chirping or the sight of a breathtaking sunset.

    Savor your food

    Meal times are another great part of the day to stimulate your positive emotions; eating actually triggers pleasure signals in the brain. When you take the time to savor each bite of your meals, you can enhance these pleasing feelings. This is particularly true if you prepare your own food from items you have grown in your garden and are eating fresh organic foods.

    At Optimum Health Institute , we believe that happiness can be created with habits like these in addition to those that you will learn through our holistic healing program. This program is held over three week-long sessions, that may be taken independently or consecutively. To learn more, call OHI today at (800) 993-4325 or visit our website .

  • How to Unplug for a Peaceful Weekend


    In today’s electronic world, it is easy for your mind to be overwhelmed by overstimulation from your phone, television, and computer. Most people are constantly running one or all of these devices, and this can lead to decreased happiness in one’s daily life. To reconnect with your spiritual self and avoid the pattern of perpetual electronic connectivity, take a weekend to be completely unplugged with these healthy and enlightening activities.

    Get some exercise

    A long exercise session will remind you why you should get up off the couch more often, because your body will release endorphins that make you feel great. Exercising outdoors is best if possible, because it will take you even further from the typical screen-bound lifestyle that could be keeping you down. For mood enhancing benefits try taking a long hike or going for a jog through the park.

    Volunteer in your community

    Helping your community can nurture your soul and help you reconnect with your friends and neighbors. There are all kinds of ways to spend time giving back, including volunteering at local schools or parks, donating blood, or organizing a charity drive within your community.

    Pray or meditate at home

    Unplugging is not only a great time to get more active, but also a time to reflect and enrich your spirit. You can do this by practicing yoga, meditation, or prayer on a daily basis in your own home where you will probably feel most relaxed. Create a quiet space for these activities either inside or outside so that you truly enjoy them as you feed your spiritual side.

    Have a face-to-face conversation

    Because so many mediums of communication flood people’s daily lives, you can miss out on the simple pleasure of a real conversation. When you unplug, encourage others to do the same so you can reconnect face-to-face and remind each other that there is more to life than staring at a screen.

    The holistic healing program at Optimum Health Institute can help support you in learning how to unplug, by quieting your mind through Alpha techniques. Our program is given in three weeklong sessions that may be taken independently or consecutively. We utilize teachings from 24 ancient disciplines to promote the healing of your body, mind and spirit. Visit OptimumHealth.org or call us at (800) 993-4325 to make a reservation.

  • Follow the OHI “5 P’s” For a Happy New Year

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    “The happiest two days of your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why.”

    –Mark Twain

    Happy 2013!

    Speaking of happy, there’s an entirely new branch of psychology, Positive Psychology, that focuses on what people need to be content in their lives.  Dr. Marty Seligman at the University of Pennsylvania spearheaded the research, which revealed it wasn’t great wealth, or a person’s age, education or social status that determined whether or not they were going to be happy.  It boiled down to three things:

    1. Faith in something greater than yourself, which would encompass personal ethics and values;
    2. Friends, which included close family or a supportive community, and
    3. Purpose – doing something of meaning in your life, whether it was volunteering once a month, or pursuing an entire career in being of service to others.

    The Optimum Health Institute (OHI) is built on these principles, and incorporates them into its “Five P’s to Optimum Health.”  Following these guidelines can help you make 2013 your happiest, healthiest and most rewarding year yet.  Here are OHI’s Five P’s:

    Purpose:  Prayer and mindfully focusing your thoughts inward can help you determine your true purpose.  What issues do you care about passionately?  When do you feel most fulfilled?  What are you naturally good at, and what do you feel you were “born to do?”  Meditating on the answers can help steer you towards your divine life purpose.

    Positive Mental Attitude: Part of the Positive Psychology research required participants to nightly reflect on the three most wonderful things that happened to them that day, and determine their role in making those things happen.  Knowing they were going to have to come up with that list each night kept the people looking for fun, interesting and positive things the entire day.  The exercise completely shifted their consciousness from, “What can go wrong” to “How does it get any better than this?”  That quantum shift in their thinking clicked them into a positive mental attitude all day, and became a habit.  As the mind stays in a healthy, balanced and happy state, the body and spirit naturally follow.

    Persistence: The natural tendency is to give up when things don’t come easily. By shifting into a positive state of mind as outlined above, we can list ‘sticking with a goal’ as one of the day’s three top victories. Developing our persistence in this way can give us the strength to keep going when it gets tough.  Just as it takes some time to develop unhealthy habits, it takes some time to substitute healthier new habits, too.

    Patience: “God grant me patience – NOW!” is a funny but ineffective prayer. The quickest route to switching into a more patient mode is to simply take a deep breath.  That delicious lungful of oxygen not only delivers more mental alertness – it signals us to slow down, to reassess, to take a step back.  From this more mindful state, we can consciously choose to be patient and gentler with our self as we navigate opportunities throughout the New Year.

    Prayer: Prayer is talking with God.  Through regular prayer we define and nourish our relationship to Him, and focus our feelings and intent by putting them into words.  This mindful and verbal connection to the Divine Source gives us a clarity and feeling of connection that no other discipline can.  Perhaps the simplest yet most effective prayer is a heart-felt, “thank you” – a prayer that will guarantee your happiness throughout 2013.

    When your body, mind, and spirit are aligned, you can achieve good health. If you are looking for a holistic healing program, in San Diego or Austin, visit Optimum Health Institute . We can help you achieve your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual goals for optimal health. To make your reservation, call us at (800) 993-4325 to learn more.

  • Tools for Change- Taking the OHI Program Home


    Count on the Food-prep Fab Four To Recreate OHI’s Meals at Home

    After returning from a rejuvenating, invigorating week – or several – at the Optimum Health Institute, you feel energized and rejuvenated, your thinking is clearer, and you’re looking at the world, and your life, in a healthier, happier way.  You vow you’re going to bring the program home with you, and change everything in your life to comply.

    While that kind of initial enthusiasm is commendable, realistically, it’s wise to introduce changes into your old lifestyle gently and gradually so you can stay focused on implementing your good intentions.  The perfect place to begin is in the heart of your home — your kitchen.

    When you’re fueling your body, mind and spirit with the live, raw, organic vegan foods you were served at OHI, it’s much easier to keep a clear head and feel empowered to continue making healthier choices.  Studies show it’s harder to maintain a clear mind and joyful spirit when your body is weighed down with toxins from processed food.

    For a healthy kitchen makeover, you’ll need the Food-Prep Fab Four:

    • A high quality chef’s knife
    • A Vitamix or other high-powered blender
    • A dehydrator
    • A juicer

    The Knife: With each new meal delivered up to you by the dedicated kitchen staff at OHI, you were presented with a rainbow of fresh raw vegetables artfully chopped, sliced, minced and diced to give you optimum flavors and nutrition.  That’s why if you’re going to invest in one new item to help you make a life-long switch to healthy eating, you should get a quality chef’s knife.  With minimal care, this is the essential tool for recreating those delicious raw meals in your own kitchen.  When you see how much easier it is to julienne carrots or chop onions with a properly weighted big knife, you’ll actually start to enjoy preparing raw foods. 

    The Vitamix: Fresh salsas, raw soups, hearty green drinks – all of them are a snap with a quality blender.  After you’re prepped your vegetables and fruits with that great knife, a few seconds in the blender transforms them into limitless meal possibilities.  Use the raw food recipes that come with the appliance, or check out some of the raw food recipe books at the Optimum Health Store.  This appliance will be your personal sous chef.

    A dehydrator: You learned at OHI that heating foods over temperatures of 105 will destroy essential nutrients.  With a dehydrator, you can turn the heat down and still turn out batches of crackers, bite-sized pizzas, even corn chips and fruit leathers, that are bursting with vitamins, amino acids, minerals, nutrients and taste.  Preserve fruits and vegetables at their seasonal peak; make live raw vegan “cheese;” create your own special seasoning by dehydrating tomatoes, garlic and onions, then grinding them into a fine powder.  This appliance is a real kid-pleaser, too.  Dehydrated fruits taste just like candy, with none of the artificial sweeteners or coloring.

    A juicer: This last member of the Food-Prep Fab Four will be a versatile team player.  It can provide fresh wheatgrass juice.  It can transform fruits and veggies into instant and energizing drinks.  And the vegetable pulp it creates can be used to make dehydrated crackers.

    See how this tried and proved Food-Prep Fab Four can be your home-front support for transitioning to a healthier OHI-inspired life.  And for recipes, go online to http://www.optimumhealth.org/ , and find the newsletters in our “About Us” section. Each one has a delicious OHI-approved meal with step-by-step instructions for recreating it at home. You can also find tips on taking the OHI program home with you, recipes and more at http://www.optimumhealthusa.com/ .

    You can order dehydrators, juices and sprouting equipment from the OHI Store by calling (888)643-7867

    When your body, mind, and spirit are aligned, you can achieve good health. If you are looking for a holistic healing program, in San Diego or Austin, visit Optimum Health Institute . We can help you achieve your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual goals for optimal health. To make your reservation, call us at (800) 993-4325 to learn more.

  • Healthy Hints for Happy Trails

    dec blog lady eating salad

    One of the very cool things about the OHI program is, once you’ve made a commitment to pursue a healthier lifestyle, the opportunities to help you succeed are everywhere – even on the road.

    Here is a list of tips to support you on your travels:

    1. Your dehydrator is your travel buddy.  In the days before you leave, dehydrate a selection of fresh, healthy treats you can use as energy-rich snacks or tasty, satisfying meals on your trip.  Crackers, nuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, fruits and even OHI style “pizzas” all travel well, and can be tucked into your carry-on luggage for ease of access.

    2. Resist the temptation to grab something at a fast food place “just this once.”  Sure it might seem easier at the time – but it took dedication and effort to detoxify your body.  The physical, mental and emotional hit you’d take for backsliding just isn’t worth it in the long run, particularly when you’re on the go.

    3. Organic apples, pears, carrots and celery all travel well.  Mix it up with jimica or rutabaga slices.  Store sliced fruits and vegetables in insulated lunch bags for optimum freshness, and consume the day you prepare them.

    4. Do some Internet surfing to learn about raw vegan-friendly restaurants, whole food stores and farmer’s markets along your route, and at your destination. All three of the sites listed below can direct you to farmers’ markets, health food stores and restaurants serving up vegetarian fare:

    5. Google “juice bars” in your city of destination to see which ones carry wheatgrass juice.  As a “better than” option, dehydrated wheatgrass juice power travels well, and you can reconstitute it with pure water to get a healthy boost during your trip.

    6. Set aside time for a daily “stretch and stroll.”  Even in a hotel room you can do some body-strengthening and stress-soothing stretching every morning and evening.  Take comfortable shoes, too, so you can take a brisk stroll daily in the morning sun not only to reset your body’s clock, but to get your brain humming and energized.

    7. Get at least 8 hours of sleep.  Sure, you have a tight schedule and a lot of demands, whether it’s a pleasure or business trip.  But you’re not going to be much good for anything if you’re sleep-deprived.

    8. Stay hydrated.  Make sure you’re consuming at least eight glasses of pure water daily.  Airline travel is particularly notorious for dehydrating passengers.  Offset any potential negative side effects by drinking an extra glass or two of water on flight days.

    9. Meditate! Even a few minutes of conscious breathing and mindful meditation will put your body, mind and spirit into a relaxed alpha state, where you’re more likely to fight off stress, fatigue and illness.

    10. Practice the disciplines.  Take a few moments before bed to journal, meditate and pray.  Create fellowship with colleagues, friends or relatives. 

    Particularly when you travel, you start to realize that components of the OHI healthy lifestyle program aren’t just some things you do – they’re now actually an important part of who you are.  Doing these things in a new setting, and with old or new friends, can bring a new sense of wholeness to your life.

    When your body, mind, and spirit are aligned, you can achieve good health. If you are looking for a holistic healing program, in San Diego or Austin, visit Optimum Health Institute . We can help you achieve your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual goals for optimal health. To make your reservation, call us at (800) 993-4325 to learn more.

  • Yams: A Holiday Favorite

    eating soup

    Root vegetables are in abundance during fall and winter seasons, and they are a delicious source of nutrients that can be prepared easily and enhance a holiday meal. for a healthy way to savor the flavors of the season. Yams in particular are a great option to dine on, but they can be hard to come by if you want the real thing.

    Yams vs. Sweet Potatoes

    In the United States, there has been longstanding confusion over the difference between yams and sweet potatoes . This is due to the fact that there are two types of sweet potatoes, so the term ‘yam’ was applied to one to create a distinction between the two varieties. Yams can be found in natural food markets and specialty stores. They have a tough, bark-like exterior with flesh that may be white, red, golden, or purple.

    Nutritional Value of Yams

    Yams are a wholesome substitute for other root vegetables like potatoes and parsnips that may not offer as much nutritional value aside from carbohydrates. They are high in potassium, vitamin C, and fiber, but they are very low in fat. Because of their nutritional content, eating yams can improve heart health, ease menopause symptoms, and help with weight control.

    How to Incorporate Yams into a Raw Diet

    One quick and easy recipe for yam soup, which is prepared regularly at the Optimum Health Institute, offers an excellent way to use yams and get their full nutritional offering. For 10 servings you need:

    Six to eight yams

    Two pints of sesame milk

    One teaspoon of cinnamon

    One avocado.

    Simply puree these ingredients in a food processor until smooth and serve with seasonings such as mace, allspice, nutmeg, cloves, or finely ground pine nuts.

    The OHI program includes three week-long sessions to be taken consecutively or independently, with classes incorporating 24 ancient spiritual disciplines that will help to cleanse and revitalize your body, mind, and spirit. Visit www.OptimumHealth.org or call us at (800) 993-4325.