Quieting and Focusing Your Mind

Exercise Class 2 (2)


To counter stress, OHI helps you learn how to relax your body using alpha state meditation techniques to :

  • Release tension and pain
  • Tap into your sub-consciousness
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Visualize what you want to achieve
  • Stimulate creativity and inspiration
  • Increase your awareness of God

Daily relaxation can help transform your life. At OHI, we help you learn how to slow down and reconnect with your deepest self.


At OHI, you will learn how to cultivate healing using the 5 P’s:

  • Purpose to achieve a natural balance and reconnection to the Divine
  • Positive mental attitude that supports the healing process
  • Persistence in following the holistic disciplines of the OHI program
  • Patience with yourself as you allow your body, mind, and spirit to heal
  • Prayer to a higher source who will share the load with you.

By learning to accept and love yourself, you will gain a sense of freedom to live your life fully and achieve optimum health.


Good health requires paying attention to your needs and translating your awareness into action.

At OHI, you will receive an OHI Planner designed by the highly-respected Franklin Covey Company to help you stay focused on your highest priorities and experience greater success in achieving what you desire.

Our focus class will also help you identify your core values and goals.

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