Renewing and Awakening Your Spirit

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At OHI, you have personal time every day to reflect on your life. In the comfort of your room, under a shady tree, or in a peaceful garden, you can awaken the spirit by asking yourself:

  • What inspires me?
  • What gives me hope?
  • What gives me joy?
  • What touches my heart?
  • What heals my heart?

Taking time to identify what resonates and writing down what is important to you is a powerful way to influence change with faith, hope, and love.


At our OHI healing centers, you will find serene places for prayer, meditation, and contemplation – wandering through our gardens, browsing our library, or visiting our chapel. Through these activities, you can express gratitude, ask for guidance, and listen for answers.

Prayer can also help you strengthen your relationship with your friends, family, community, and the world. We have an optional prayer circle every day prior to meals. The prayer circle includes an inspirational reading and “Word of the Day” to nurture qualities such as strength, courage, wisdom, and healing.


You are invited to participate in celebrations that honor your accomplishments, attributes, and talents, such as:

  • Release ceremony – Let go of barriers to your health
  • Validation group – Affirm each person’s positive gifts
  • Inspirational testimonials – Share personal healing experiences while at OHI
  • Friday night live – Stage a show celebrating your personal gifts

In a safe environment of trust, honesty, laughter, and joy, you will celebrate with others on the journey towards optimum health.

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