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The most beautiful experience!!!

The most beautiful experience!!!💫
I healed from the inside out!!
Thank you!

Pam Gomeztrejo January 7, 2019

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…I’m inspired to take better care of myself.

I have been coming to OHI for 6 years. I love this place and the staff. It is a very healing, cleansing (body, mind and spirit) program. Every time I come here I feel the stress, hurry and worry of day to life melt away and am inspired to take better care of myself.

Sondra C. Sondra C. December 31, 2014

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…Going to OHI Austin is like going home…

I miss my yearly stays in OHI Austin and looking forward to the next one! Each one of them has given me exactly what I intended them to be, cleansing in body, spirit and mind while re-energizing and renewing and reinstating the core essence of my existence. It is a healing place for healers that so generously give of themselves while being at service to others. For me going to OHI Austin is like going home filling me with incredible joy and gratitude! Thank you for doing what you do and being there for all of us that find you!

Nada Nada July 19, 2014

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I go in feeling drained and I leave feeling refreshed.

I love love love OHI, I can't wait to go back ! It is amazing how the rest for my body, mind and spirit make me feel like a new person. I go in feeling drained and I leave feeling refreshed . If you go once , you will go twice 🙂 I am slowly introducing OHI and its teachings to my friends and family and my lifestyle has changed a little more every year, I am becoming healthier, happier and even younger LOL.

Tuesday Whitt Tuesday Whitt May 27, 2014

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It is a gift to oneself that keeps on giving.

OHI is a specialace where small changes reap large rewards. Being with others who are taking time out to check in results in a synergistic environment where remarkable shifts can occur. Each time I go, I am able to return to my daily life with new skills and greater resolve to live more healthfully and happily. OHI is a vacation that pays for itself in improved quality of life. It is a gift to oneself that keeps on giving.

Carolyn Budd Carolyn Budd March 28, 2014

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Find it Life Changing

"I have been there twice and find it life changing , I would love to be able to return every year for the rest of my life ..... There is so much wonderful information shared both from the teachers and the guests ! 
last time I took my 21 year old neice who cursed me the first few days and has profusely thanked me over and over once she got past the first few detox days . 
Go .... You wont regret it..."

Tuesday W. Tuesday W. December 17, 2013

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New Optimum Health Institute Review: “This place is one of a …

I could not do a deep cleanse of the body like this at home.  Too many triggers.  You need to calm your mind and spirit - they are all connected.  This program is fantastic, It can change your life.  This place is one of a kind and is literally saving lives.

Laura G. Laura G. September 18, 2013

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You too can turn a health challenge into an opportunity to …

Do you have health challenges and are looking for answers? Try Optimum Health Institute (OHI) Austin ... it will change your life. If you're looking for a life-altering experience for the mind, body and spirit (that if followed) will transform your life and add decades to your life expectancy, then invest the time and go. The information you'll received will change your perception of what health and wellness truly means. OHI changed my life and that of my family in numerous ways. You too can turn a health challenge into an opportunity to increase your quality of live. If you procrastinate, all you'll lose is your health.

Corinne L. Corinne L. September 10, 2013

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Not only do I come away feeling alive, healthy and full of …

As a busy mom and business owner, at times it feels like I am burning the candle at both ends. A few years ago I started doing an annual spring clean of my body--visiting OHI for a week of rest and rejuvenation. I can not tell you how happy I am I started this tradition. Not only do I come away feeling alive, healthy and full of energy, but I feel better able to handle all that life brings me.

Joy Schoffler Joy Schoffler May 22, 2013

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There is no place like it.

Amazing program. You go home feeling light, leaving emotions and weight not serving you behind. The effect follows you for years. This is why people go back again and again! There is no place like it.

Angela Brown Angela Brown February 8, 2013

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Most people think I am 10 years younger than my actual age.

"Each and every time I've gone to Optimum Health Institute, I have reversed something bad that was happening in my body.  The first time decades ago, weight (40 lbs. that never came back), the second time, a bad pap smear ( in two weeks it was normal again), the third time, a frozen shoulder (my mom died with two frozen shoulders and her back and neck were hunched because of the pain), the fourth time, a breast tumor (shrinkage showed on ultra-sounds I used to monitor).  The last occurred because I was in an unhappy marriage and was drinking more alcohol than my body could detox.

Cheryl C. Cheryl C. January 15, 2012

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