Chiropractic Care


Discover how your body can heal more quickly when its foundation is aligned properly. You can meet with an experienced chiropractor service partner to discuss ways to improve your general health or treat health issues related to your muscular-skeleton or nervous systems.

The chiropractic approach to healing, which is in alignment with OHI’s holistic healing program, focuses on the body, mind, and spirit. As such, your chiropractor will begin by asking you questions about your overall health to determine the best form treatment.

Many chiropractic treatments deal specifically with making adjustments to the spine – including the nerves and muscles surrounding it. These adjustments can be effective in reducing neck or back pain, restoring motion to limbs, and providing relief from headaches, ulcers, or digestive disorders. Your chiropractor may also recommend changes in your diet, exercise, and life style to improve your overall health. Experience the benefits of chiropractic care on your journey to optimum health.


We carefully select our third-party service partners; however, our service partners are independently operated and not employees of the OHI. Therefore, Optimum Health Institute is not responsible or liable for actions taken by these service partners or any injury that may result from the provision of these services.

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