Massage Services


Enhance your cleansing experience at OHI with massage and body work provided by our third-party service partners. These services can relieve stress, remove toxins, or simply make your stay more enjoyable. Examples of these beneficial services include:

Swedish massage

This popular massage technique uses 5 basic strokes flowing toward the heart to massage the soft tissue of your body. Enjoy a Swedish massage to reduce fatigue, improve circulation, and feel restored.

Deep tissue massage

This technique combines soft and deep-tissue massage techniques (e.g. trigger points, deep fascia work, and cross-fiber friction) to reach deeper layers in the muscles helping to reduce chronic pain and inflammation.

Hot rock therapy

This Native American form of massage used for centuries is administered using hot stones of various shapes and sizes to manipulate muscle and connective tissue. Enjoy hot rock therapy to relieve stress, while increasing your vitality and energy.


This Japanese technique is administered by placing hands on or just above the body at 12 different points to activate the life force energy that flows through the body and promote healing. Discover how Reiki can increase your energy and balance your body, mind, and spirit.


In reflexology, a massage therapist applies pressure to specific parts of the hands and feet, which correspond to various parts of your body. Discover how reflexology can help you release congestion and improve circulation of your blood and lymph to remove toxins from your body.


We carefully select our third-party service partners; however, our service partners are independently operated and not employees of the OHI. Therefore, Optimum Health Institute is not responsible or liable for actions taken by these service partners or any injury that may result from the provision of these services.

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